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Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relieve stress and improve your mental health. They provide an enjoyable, hands-on activity that can help you relax and forget about life’s troubles. The act of solving a puzzle can be calming and therapeutic. It’s the repetitive action of fitting pieces together that allows your mind to wander and take a break from its worries.

How Puzzles Can Reduce Stress

According to research by the University of Delaware, puzzles may have even more benefits than just providing stress relief. Studies have also found that puzzle completion can increase brain activity in areas related to problem-solving, such as concentration and focus. As you piece together the jigsaw puzzle, your brain is actively searching for patterns and solutions in order to figure out how all the pieces fit together. This type of cognitive exercise helps stimulate your brain, which can help with long-term health benefits such as improved memory, increased creativity, and higher levels of concentration.

In addition to their potential mental health benefits, puzzles also provide social benefits since they often require two or more people to work together to complete them. Working together on a puzzle encourages teamwork, builds communication skills, increases bonding between players, and even heightens empathy for others’ experiences. Completing a puzzle gives you a feeling of accomplishment and pride when you finally finish it after hours—or even days—of patient work.

What Makes Puzzles Relaxing?

Furthermore, completing a jigsaw puzzle is relaxing because you know each piece fits into another. While mistakes are made when fitting pieces together, there is a calming sensation that comes from overcoming those challenges which finally gives way to the ultimate satisfaction when you’re finally done. This relief serves as an effective distraction from any stress you may be facing in your day-to-day life. With all these wonderful benefits combined with its overall low-cost nature, there’s no doubt why puzzles are favored by so many.

Here Are Some Puzzles You’ll ABSOLUTELY Want Assemble

Puzzles can reduce stress - Listing of puzzles to purchase

1. Lost in The Garden (500 pieces) $13.99
2. Wintry Cats (500 pieces) $14.11
3. House of Astrology (500 pieces) $15.99
4. How Rare and Beautiful You Are (500 pieces) $12.99
5. Wonder and Bloom (500 pieces) $13.99
6. Marrakech Riad (1000 pieces) $16.00
7. Vintage Library (500 pieces) $16.38
8. Quilts of Gee’s Blend (1000 pieces) $15.96
9. Night Reef (1000 pieces) $25.00
10. Full Bloom World Map (1000 pieces) $14.31

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Puzzles can reduce stress - Woman assmebling puzzle on the floor

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