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One day I stopped in Marshalls (which I never do cause my store has shit and always looks like a tornado hit it) to check out if they had any hair/beauty products. Since my store is such a hit or miss I never have high expectations of finding anything useful. But then there are those rare times when they surprise me and I strike gold. What I didn’t know was, on this day I would find way more than what I bargained for, and it would become a beauty obsession

On a shelf at the end of the aisle, a chic little glass bottle with a clean minimal label caught my eye. It was Pearlessence Rose Water facial mist. I didn’t know anything about the brand nor the product. Cause, I mean, what is rose water? And why should I mist this shit on my face? A quick in-store Google search let me know that rose water will help control excess oil in my face, soothes acne prone skin, and hydrates dry skin. And at $7.99 I couldn’t pass it up giving it a try since I suffered from all of those things. I also copped some Argan + Vitamin E facial oil for $6.99 cause why not.

So I started using the facial mist immediately and I can say it was refreshing as shit. My skin felt perked up and the fragrance was rosy and not overpowering. I then topped it off by applying a little of the facial oil. Bruh, I felt the tide turn with how I take care of my face. I knew I could never go back to my shitty facial routine – which was nothing as I’ve never had one.

One week later…I found Glow face masks, Radiance Serum, and Charcoal matting spray.

pearlessence valerie pierre mommyrandr

How did my skin react to Pearlessence?

I started seeing a real change in my face. I found it to be no longer an oil slick, even with using Aragan oil. My face was evened out and I started to see blemishes disappearing. Another thing I noticed was I broke out less frequently. I mean, I still broke out around my cycle but there were no new pimples outside of when I would get PMS. Now I ain’t gonna say it’s all due to Pearlessence since around this time I cut out soda and juice from my diet. But I will say, everything is working together and the results have been amazing.


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Who makes Pearlessence & where did it come from?

The answer to both is, I don’t fucking know. So if someone knows please do clue me in. But what I DO know is the only place you can find any of these products is Marshall’s or T.J.Maxx. And because they never know what stock they’re going to receive you have to check randomly. If you’re lucky you’ll find something new that wasn’t there before, like this Ready, Set, Glow! kit I scored.

pearlessence valerie pierre mommyrandr

I haven’t used it yet but cause I don’t really take pictures and I hardly wear makeup. But that may change and I would rather be excited knowing I have this rather than kicking myself for passing it up.

It’s funny how one random visit to Marshalls where I didn’t expect to find anything worthwhile lead me to find my latest beauty obsession.

Have you used Pearlessence? What do you think of it? Do you have a favorite?