For the new year I have something really special for you. I will be teaming up with my blogging bestie Allaya Cooks-Campbell from Baby Droppings to bring you the ultimate daily challenge for 2017.

It’s our Make Time For YOU: Daily Self-Care Challenge.

This is something that we have been talking about and working on behind the scenes for the past few months. We are huge advocates for not only parental self-care, but the self-care of ALL women. Most of the conversations Allaya and I have together revolve around how women aren’t taking enough time for themselves. Ourselves included.

So we decided for the new  year we would join forces to hold the other accountable for their me time, while simultaneously making sure you’re getting yours. We knew that participating in a daily challenge of this magnitude would be difficult. I mean, it isn’t called a challenge for nothing.

How does the make time for you: daily self-care challenge work?

At the beginning of every month starting January we will share a list of daily activities that you can do alone (or with a friend) based on the theme of that month. For example, January is the start of the new year and new changes, so the activities will revolve around  ‘something new’. It’s all about bringing you out of your shell. There are also days where you can so whatever random thing you want as long as it fits the theme.

And so we  can keep up with each other post your pictures to Instagram using #TimeForYOU2017 so we can see and comment.

There will also be a FREE monthly calendar for you to download that will help you track your activities. Print it and post it on your fridge or your vanity as a daily reminder that self-care is necessary to your well being and completely non-negotiable.

But wait, there’s more! Sign up for the monthly self-care newsletter and you’ll get a sneak peek at upcoming challenges before we publish it, receive words of motivation, and a chance to win prizes. Oh yes, there will be prizes! At the end of every month the self-care subscriber with the most Instagram posts will be randomly chosen to win a secret prize that relates to the theme of the month she won.


Why should you participate in the daily self-care challenge?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something that was just for you? If it took you too long to remember then its time you start putting yourself  first for a change.  Did you know – 2 outta 3 moms with children ages 3 and younger have never taken time for themselves. This should shock me but it doesn’t. I’m in several mom groups where this is the norm, and it saddens me. There are several physical and mental benefits to taking time outs that will have profound affects on both mom and her family.

But most importantly, we want you to do the challenge cause it’s fun! They build up excitement and give you something to look forward to in the days ahead. Who doesn’t like to have a good time?! Just because we’re working on  our physical and mental health that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Challenges give you the opportunity to venture out of your shell and to experience new things you ordinarily wouldn’t give a second thought to if you weren’t doing the challenge.

What is our goal for the self-care challenge?

Our common goal is simple – we want this challenge to take the idea of personal self-care from a struggle to a way of life by becoming apart of your every day must do routine. Moms take care of everyone in their house, we want to make sure that you’re also taking care of YOU.

We hope that you’ll join our daily challenge and we look forward to seeing your Instagram posts starting January 1st using #TimeForYOU2017.

self-care challenge