I tell you no word a lie when I say Bad Moms is the movie that hot mess moms everywhere have been waiting for. We are tired of feeling like if we aren’t baking everything from scratch, aren’t at every randomly scheduled PTA meeting and not looking perfectly coiffed at morning drop off that we’re shitty parents.

It’s about a successful wife and mother, Mila Kunis who is being  pulled in every direction and cracks under the pressure of trying to be a “perfect” mom. She pretty much has as mental breakdown and is joined by Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as they take down the mother of all “perfect” moms Christina Applegate and her clique.

In a nutshell Bad Moms is like Hangover, but for moms. Which is funny cause Bad Moms is brought to you by those very same people, so you know you’re gonna be in for a wild ride.

Watch the official trailer below.

If you and your hot mess mommy crew are trying to be up in the theater CLICK HERE to score your tickets to Bad Mom happening on Thursday, July 21 at in New York City. These tickets are limited so get them while you can. The show starts promptly at 7pm so it is recommended that you arrive on line between 6-6:15pm. Why? This viewing  will be packed with moms like yourself who’ve ditched their kids for a night of mommy debauchery, it’s the only way to make sure that you’ll be able to get your seats.

(UPDATE: A few moms informed me that they were having issues with the link. If you encounter such an issue please reach out to me and let me know so that I can make sure everyone gets their tickets)

After you’ve gotten your tickets take this quick quiz to find out what type of mom you are.

bad moms

For even more fun visit the official Bad Moms website to learn more about the film, cast and additional trailers.

bad moms

*Oh, and if you’re late (cause there’s always one in the group who makes everyone late) and you can’t get in I am not responsible cause I told you what time you should’ve been there to get your seat.