For this week’s Mommy Me Time profile I am going to interview myself. I’m more than halfway through all of the submissions for this profile and I’ve realized that I haven’t interviewed myself. So I thought it be fitting that I include my profile along with all the other wonderful profiles that have been submitted.

mommymetimeName – Valerie Pierre
Location – Brooklyn, NY
Occupation – Blogger and event organizer for Mommy R+R

How Many Children do I have? I have 2, a girl and a boy

What are my favorite hobbies? I love reading, exploring new places and sunning at the beach. I’m also into D.I.Y. although I’m far from being a crafty craftswoman.

When was the last time I had mommy me time and/or couple time and how did I spend it? I’m fortunate (and thankful) to be able to get a little bit of time to myself almost every day. I’m home with my children during the day, so when daddy comes home the kids go nuts and attach themselves to his hip. But, having almost an entire day to myself was a couple of weeks ago.  While I was out and about gathering information for a review I was working on, I took that opportunity afterward to fall into a Barnes and Noble and spent the rest of the afternoon there. I bought two books and put some on my must read list. It felt great as I haven’t been in a bookstore in a while. It was like meeting an old friend you hadn’t seen in while and you pick up right where you left off from the last time you saw one another.

The last time I had couple time was back in February when my mom took the kids for a weekend. She does that often and we always make these elaborate plans to go to dinner and a movie or bum around the city. But in reality, we clean the house, nap, have pizza, watch a movie on cable and fall asleep before midnight. While not romantic by any means, it still allows us the time to enjoy each other without the interruption of children.

How do I balance everything so that I can have a little alone time? Scheduling. That is the key word. While I can admit that I am not the most scheduled person out there, I am trying. And what I do mange to schedule keeps me focused and lets me know that these blocks of time are set so that I can have balance. Failure to comply leads to madness and chaos.

mommy me timeIf I could spend 24 hours alone how would I spend it? Okay, this is easy. I would fly down to South Beach, FL to my favorite place the South Seas Hotel. I would lounge by the pool under a palm tree listening to the music from the surrounding hotels while taking in the smells of the beach, chlorine and tanning oil. I’d have my book in one hand and my pina colada in the other. I’d remain poolside til sunset then go the beach, make a small bonfire and sit there listening to the ocean til my remaining time was up.

What is my family’s favorite fun time activity? We like lots of games. We’re a video game family with my husband at the helm. He’s a hardcore gamer and plays a plethora of fighting games. The kids love Nickelodeon Dance. While I’m utterly obsessed with Mario Cart and Just Dance, despite being a rhythmless dancer.

What advice would I give to a mom who is struggling to find that slice of mommy me time? I’m sorry to have a repeat answer but I’m all about that scheduling. If you can schedule your kids, then you can schedule yourself. Tell yourself that you are only going to worry about cleaning the house from 12-2 and from 2-4 you will do something for you whether it be in the house or outside of it. I also, recently wrote post about how early mornings are great for mommy me time as the kids are still asleep. But which ever you choose it about blocking that time, and unapologetically sticking to it.

I will speak for all of you and say, thank you Valerie for sharing your interests with us! We look forward to more stories that tell us more about you.

But seriously speaking now, I am working on expanding the Mommy Me Time series for the summer. Its going to me more than just profiles. There will be photo submissions and contest etc. I will share it with you next month and at that time I will reopen submissions for new profiles. Make sure to subscribe to keep up everything happening at Mommy R+R.