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Memorial Day is approaching and with it the official start of the summer travel season. Because of this I thought it would be a perfect time to recap the MomTrends Travel 2015 event I recently attended.

The premise of the event was for Nicole, owner of MomTrends to not only speak about the importance of traveling, but to highlight products and services that should be on your check list when preparing for your next adventure, whether its with your girls or with your family.

Before the event got underway Nicole spoke about how before she and her husband had children they left their jobs to backpack across 22 countries over the course of a year. Umm, can we say travel goals! And when their daughter was born the first thing they got her was a passport. Her story was so inspiring because how many of us have dreamed about dropping everything to see the world? I know I have.

momtrends travel
NY Family magazine editor Eric Messenger

Eric Messenger editor of New York Family magazine was in the house and spoke about how travel is the #1 requested topic with his mom readers! Moms love a good vacation…and wine too. That’s probably 2nd most requested topic. I’ll have to ask him, but for now I will just assume. He shared with us a number of trends that are upon us. Like, oh, did you know that Poconos is about to be place to see and be seen with families. Move over heart shaped jacuzzi’s, indoor water parks are taking over. There are a number coming to the area so be sure to stay up to date for grand openings.

Once the event got started we were treated to a number of vendors who showcased a number of products that every traveling individual and family would need:

momtrends travelWhile you can’t have too many things in your carry-on the one thing you can thankfully have with you are barkTHINS. I am not a fan of dark chocolate. But, they have made a lover out of me! These yummy dark chocolate treats are filled any number of things as they have a variety of flavors. My favorite right now are the mint, pretzel and coconut. Did I mention they come in chunks. CHUNKS. The packaging is small enough to fit right in your bag and has a resealable tab to keep freshness.


momtrends travelIf you’re traveling to NY, Miami or LA and you need a stylist to come to hook you up then call Glam Squad. They are a mobile styling service that allows you to book styling appointments via an app for iPhone user and on their booking page for non iPhone users. They have an array hair and make-up styles to choose from. Your stylist will arrive at the time of your choosing and complete your look in about an hour.


momtrends travelLike most families when my children were smaller and we went out of town I always had to ask, “where’s the baby gonna sleep?” I had to make sure the hotel had a crib available to guests. And once in the room I would spend 45 minutes wiping it down with Lysol cause I always wondered about previous owners and the dirty hands touching rails that my child would ultimately put their mouths on. Now thanks to Baby Bjorn, you’ll no longer have this worry. They’ve designed a portable light weight yet sturdy travel crib that will fit your littlest ones. It comes in its own case for easy travel and storage. They also have a collapsible baby rocker and a new 3-way baby carrier that will let you carry baby facing you, facing outward and on your back!


momtrends travelPacking for a vacation can be a daunting task. You look in your closet and see some things you’d take but for the most part you’ll end up shopping for the entire trip. You’ll have an overstuffed luggage that will have too many items in case you change your mind and need a back up. Tammi and Dawn have been there, which is why they started Yamis and Dawni. With their chic designs and amazing fabrics they are bridging the gap between athletics and everyday wear. All you need are a couple of pieces from their line and you will have a week worth of various looks. With tugs (or releasing) of strings built in the seam what you thought was a form fitting top is now a shirt dress. And with a change in accessories, that they also sell you can easily take the look from day to night. It’s great because now with a decrease in the number of clothing items you’ll have to pack you’ll have more room to bring home souvenirs.


momtrends travelSpeaking of packing for vacation, the one thing I know moms hate about travel packing is the dreaded swimsuit. I was a 2 two piece string bikini gal for years, even after the birth of my first child. However,  after the birth of my second child my tummy was not having it. I thought I’d just wear unflattering cover ups until I decided to take working out seriously. Thankfully, Magicsuit heard the cries of post baby mommies and cookie lovers all over the world. This suit is magic. They guarantee you will look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds. The Lycra spandex and great built in bra support will have you snatched in all the right places.


bags1OiOi Bags gave families some amazing options to diaper bags. OiOi wants you to stop using your designer bags for a baby bag. Moms can choose from a vast selection of chic and stylish bags. Especially the men’s bag. They are nondescript and no one would guess the brown satchel (shown in the pic) would hold bottles, pampers and everything else baby needs. My husband needed this bag badly because he used to put the baby’s things in a backpack. Can we say milk all in the bottom of the bag.

Nicole also spoke about her trusty travel kit. And in it she keeps, ZzzQuil so she can get a good nights sleep when she arrives at her destination, an eye mask to keep the sun out while she sleeps, a travel toothbrush and tooth paste and a facial mask to get her pores cleaned out from being on the plane for a long period of time.

momtrends travelAnd to end the night MomTrends Travel had some amazing giveaways. I won this super cool double sleeping bag from The Land of Nod. And here I thought my ALF sleeping bag was great when I was kid. Talk about an upgrade. Not only is it super comfy it HUGE and fit at least 3 small kids. Like most of Brooklyn we don’t have any grass in our backyard but they enjoy playing camping in their rooms when they have sleepovers.

The evening was filled with great travel tips and products. Watch the video below for highlights from the MomTrends Travel event.

Photo Credit: MomTRENDS

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