Wednesday, June 4 was National Girlfriend’s Networking Day. The event was hosted by The New Agenda. The purpose of the conference was to bring attention to the power of building connections between women. There was a panel of renowned, diverse women leaders who spoke about how to plan your career path and took questions via social media. The advice was sound and universal, meaning any woman from a college student to a CEO could use the methods and advice given.

“It is a celebration of the power of building connections” – The New Agenda

After the conference I held my own Twitter Networking Party. The purpose of the party was to bring together my followers to discuss their businesses, why they decided to go out on their own and of course…to network. Click the hashtag #MRRNGN to view the party.

national girlfriends networking daynational girlfriends networking day

During the conference I was tweeting in the official #NGNDAY and as a result a couple of those tweets were mentioned in a wrap up of the Twitter party. All of the tweets selected sums up everything that NGN Day was all about. Women connecting to help each other succeed. It’s necessary that we teach our daughters the importance of networking. I look forward to next years event!