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pipsticks workman valerie pierre mommyrandr

For the past month and a half, I’d been eyeing this 2019 Pipsticks + Workman planner in Barnes & Noble. Every time I go in there the display case whisper calls me, “Vaaaalerieeeee. Vaaaalerieeeee. Buy me, Valerie.”

After thumbing through this planner every other day I was in the store I finally whispered back…

So here I am with yet another planner. I gave up on my bullet planner months ago. Not cause I didn’t like doing it but cause all the work that I had to put into it. It was beginning to drain me and I don’t wanna feel drained while playing with washi.

But now that I’ve got this bad boy in my possession I’m pretty hype about it. This is Pipsticks first line of planners. They teamed up with Workmans Publishing and I think they came out pretty damned cute. Out of the three covers I chose the typewriter, for obvious reasons. The other covers were oversized shades and roller skates.

Out the gate, I liked how simple and fun the cover looked. I especially love the falling letters that are sprinkled in with the dotted background. Then it was the size. It wasn’t so big or heavy that I couldn’t carry this everywhere I went, and it wasn’t too small that I couldn’t really jot any info in it. It’s literally just right. I also liked that there was a lot of space to write. I write pretty big and sloppily so I need all the space I can get, especially in the daily layout.

Let’s take a closer look at the Pipsticks planner

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandrSize 10in x 8in (8.75in including the spirals).

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandr

This planner comes with two pockets. A clear ziplock that comes with cute hello card and stickers (not shown).

6 seasonal pages of stickers. Plus VIP access to Pipsticks Printables Library (not shown).

2019 and 2020 calendar spread.

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandr

Aug 2018 – 2020 holiday’s to celebrate.

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandr

4 pages of goal setting from Aug 2018 – Dec 2019.

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandr

Each month starts out wanting to know your current situation.

Monthly spread with cute pop quizzes or activities for you to do.

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandr

Lots of space in the horizontal weekly breakdown.

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandr

The back of the planner has several sheets of patterned notepaper.

pipsticks planner valerie pierre mommyrandr

The second pocket comes in the form of a sleeve in the back with the two bands.

Cute right? And check it, Pipsticks + Workman didn’t stop with planners. They have a whole collection of sticker and goal books. Now I haven’t gotten anything more than the planner but I did see the now sold out sticker books in the bookstore. From what I can remember I thought they were cute but I’m not a sticker person like that to really go crazy. I was just drawn to the planner. But I spend a lot of time in B&N so if there’s anything left over in the display and report back.

Did you get a Pipsticks + Workman planner? What about the sticker and goal books? Share your thoughts in the comments.