moisturizedIf you suffer from super dry skin like me then you’re always looking for ways to keep your skin moisturized. I think I’ve tried almost every lotion known to man. What I’ve found is  some are either too thin and dry up within hours of the application and there are others that are so thick that its just feels heavy and clamy on your skin.

It was out of sheer curiosity I went out on a limb and tried Target brand Cocoa Butter Body Gel. Wowzers! Talk about a great find. All it takes  is just a few drops to different areas of my skin and I’m set for an entire 8 hour day. And it smells amazing! Its very light, has a great scent and isn’t overly oily when used moderately.


Other ways to keep your skin from being dry are:

As moms we long for the idea to take a long hot shower, but too much of that blissful hot water will dry your skin out. I’m a 20 minute shower girl but cutting it to 10-15 minutes will make a world of difference. Or at least alternate between hot and warm water. Also, make sure to moisturize as soon as you step out of the shower. That’s when skin is most absorbent. For extra dry skin use a face and body oil before you towel off. This is the perfect time to apply the body gel. Oh, and blot your skin dry instead of harshly rubbing the towel over your body. 

All the dry heat from our fireplaces and central heat during the winter sucks the moisture out of our skin. By using a humidifier we not only replenish that lost moisture it also combats dry air.  

Gentle exfoliators are good for flaky skin. It will remove dirt, makeup and dead skin. It will refresh your complexion and restore your natural glow. 

Look for products that contain olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, urea or petrolatum. You can use fast absorbing during the day. Then in the evening use creams that are designed heal dry skin while you sleep.