If you haven’t heard already, vision boards are awesome and all the rage. They are the must-do project at the top of every new year. For who aren’t familiar, a vision board is defined by those at Make A Vision Board as, “…a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.” I truly could not have stated it any better than that.

So now that we know what a vision board is, let’s talk about how do they guide in making your goals and dreams a reality. Before you even start to create your board you have to ask yourself these basic yet soul searching questions:

What is my vision for life?

What do I need to do to achieve these dreams?

What is working v. not working in my life?

What are my fears?

Will I own everything that happens in my life, good and bad?

Remember your answers are going to be the foundation of your vision board. And once your board is completed you will only make decisions that will either put you or keep you on the path of achieving your goals. I was very clear with my goals earlier this week and I will make sure that no decisions I make will deviate from that.

I first became aware with vision boards at the end of 2014 when I was invited by Lucinda Cross to attend an upcoming vision board party she would be hosting at the start of 2015. She is the founder of the Activate conferences and motivational speaker, and she credits the success of her family and business to vision boards.

Untitled design
Me and Lucinda Cross at her 2015 NYC Vision Board event

The event took place in New York City and was amazing experience that got me excited and geared up for everything I knew I was going to accomplish for 2015. However, it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe it was fate because while everyone else finished their boards, mine was left incomplete.

The rest of 2015 would sadly leave me feeling the same way – incomplete. The excitement following the event slowly faded, leaving me lost and unsure about everything I was supposed to be doing. This is where answering those questions truthfully comes into play. For example, it’s easy to put a picture of $50k on your board but it won’t come true if you don’t know how to make your first $100. That’s kinda what happened to me. Which is why 2016 has me so stoked. I have more clarity and direction today than I did last year. I know exactly what I need to do in my life to turn my vision board into my reality.

In honor of National Vision Board Day I am going to show you with 3 quick easy steps how to create your own vision board for 2016.

Things you’ll need are:

vision boards

White board (not shown)
Old magazines (the bigger the variety the more creative design choices you’ll have)
Glue and scissors
Fun arts and craft paper, ribbon, glitter etc.

Step One:

vision boards

After you’ve decided on what kind of board you’re going to make, go through the magazines you collected and select all the photos and graphics that catch your eye. Don’t be shy cut everything out that you want.

Step Two:

vision boards

Sort through all the pictures that you want, arrange them on your board and start gluing them. Use you decorative paper, glitter and ribbons for pizzazz. There is no perfect arrangement. It’s all about what you want as it’s your visual vision.

Step Three:


Let it dry then hang your vision board in an area where you will always see it. Having daily visual access to it will ensure that you will remain focused on turning those dreams and goals into reality.

That’s it! I was so shocked when I saw how my board turned out. It is a combination of personal and professional, and consists of more than a dozen positive affirmations and quotes. I have mine above the fireplace in my bedroom next to my work area ensuring that I will see it everyday non-stop. This will serve as my daily reminder to keep to keep on striving to everything I want in life.

What does or will your board consist of? Is it a general board with a combination of lots of things, or is it geared towards something that’s very specific like life, business, fitness, education etc?

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