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Before I start this review I need your mind to cue up the Rocky theme song, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. If you don’t know the song it starts…”Rising up, back on the street did my time, took my chances” …you know the song now? Okay, now hum it as you read this….

I was invited for an assessment, now in my mind assessment meant someone was going to take my height, weight and body fat count etc and tell me all of the ways I can help slim down this twice over baby gut. Well, yet again I was in for a real treat. It seems that every time I visit a fitness studio I’m met with some sort of shock and ouch moment. This ouch moment would later incapacitate me for 2 days.

sevenbell fitnessSevenBell is located on the second floor so going up before your workout is fine, but after it all you wanna do is fling yourself down the steps and out the door like Leo DiCaprio did in Wolf of Wall Street. When I arrived I was greeted by Jesse Barocas who co-founded the facility and after showing me around their studio which is big enough to not make you feel as if you’re one of a hundred in a room and not too small to feel all eyes on you. Its the perfect setup to come with friends or for a personal training session.

After the grand tour the fun began. As I thought, he took all of my weight and height information and asked me about what my weight loss goals were. I explained, I want to ditch the gut but keep my 160lbs weight. It took me forever to gain this weight and I have zero intentions of going back to my former size 4. But then something awkward happened he said, “lets get started!” Started? On what? Oh wait, I’m gonna work out? It seems lately I have a very good knack for signing up for stuff that leads me in a totally different direction than I originally thought.

sevenbell fitnessBut I wasn’t going to punk out just yet. We started off with some squats. Which of course I’ve discovered that I’ve been doing them incorrectly. My knees are now forever grateful for being shown the correct way. Jesse coached and showed me proper form all while letting me know that, “you got this”. And I thought did until he had me do 2 sets of 20 push ups. Listen, let me explain something to you, up until that point I have only done 4 push ups in my entire life. I think I’m giving myself too much credit. It’s more like 2. But that day Jesse made me make up for lost time. My arms were burning with muscle use and hate.

While I was sweating bullets and panting for water there was the other half of SevenBell, co-founder Seven Bell over in the corner just lifting a whole bunch of weights like one would lift cotton balls on the ends of a toothpick. He made it seem so easy…and he wasn’t even sweating. I kept asking, “why are you still dry?”

Back to me, after I got over the arm pain I thought things were going kinda sorta okay, until Jeses wanted me to lift a kettlebell. I had heard about these things but I have never used one…and I see why. There is nothing fun or exciting about squatting and lifting one of these little bombs of pain. I was so focused on not flinging it into the wall of mirrors I couldn’t even get into proper form. I asked Jesse if I could use a lighter one but in true personal trainer fashion he told me, “sure, but you’re gonna use this one. Okay. Good. Lets go!” He just knew I was trying to cheat my way out of it but he wouldn’t let me.  Like Britney Spears says, “…you wanna look hot in a bikini? You betta work bitch!”. And work I did! He had me feeling the burn on the lateral pull down and rowing machine.

sevenbell fitnessThat hour workout seemed like I was in there for 2! I don’t know how I made it down the stairs and to my car, which was 3 blocks away. When I got home the only thing I could muster up was a hot shower, falling face down in the bed and snoring. I don’t know if that was a good or bad idea cause when I woke up I could hardly move an inch. My entire body was sore. I had pain from my shoulders all the way down my sides to my hips. I couldn’t raise either one of my arms all the up. Elbow to wrist was good but elbow to shoulder was hell. And sitting and standing were out of the question. The only thing that didn’t hurt, for a change, were my knees.

While I may complain about how much pain I was in, it was good pain. Pain means that I worked parts of my body that normally don’t get used, unless I’m running for an ice cream truck or trying to catch the liquor store before it closes. This isn’t just a gym, its a lifestyle. It’s for those who want to get into shape and stay in shape. This is not a bells and whistles gym. You will not receive a membership card complete with a pat on the back and left to your own devices. By joining this gym you will gain a motivator who wants to see you succeed just as much as you want to see yourself succeed. You will have access to a nutritionist who will work with you on selecting the best work out for YOU! Which is great for moms because they have special post-natal workouts and diets that will get you back to your pre-baby body. They also have early morning spin classes and private boxing classes.

While my muscles may have complaints about this gym, I cannot say one bad word about it. Oh well, there’s the parking issue. Its pretty much nonexistent. I had to park a few blocks over toward Atlantic and walk back. It’s not that big of a deal just be sure to leave your house a wee bit early because you will circle.

sevenbell fitness

SevenBell Fitness
640 Dean Street
718-857-BELL (2355)
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And just because the song is now on loop in both of our brains, for your listening and viewing pleasure…..

For the purposes of this post I received a complementary assessment. All thoughts and opinions are my own.