Daelmans Stroopwafels was mentioned in the 2017 Mommy R+R Holiday Guide For Moms. This feature is a follow-up to that mention.

If there is one thing that I can share about myself is, I love me a good snack. Cookies, cakes, ice cream, you name it, I will eat it. I’m always looking for a new snack to indulge in and my newest indulgence is Daelmans Stroopwafels.  

Daelmans Stroopwafels is a sweet, thin waffle cookie with a delicious soft caramel center that warms up when you place it over a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Daelmans Stroopwafels valerie pierre mommyrandr

It tastes AMAZING!! Dunk’em, scarf’em down, or savor them bite by bite – you can’t go wrong. But wait, I took it a step further and tried them with ice cream and let me tell you…I’m addicted. I had to stop myself from opening the other two packs I had. I couldn’t stop eating them!!

Daelmans Stroopwafels valerie pierre mommyrandr

I’ve since eaten all of them and now I’m sad til I get more.

Daelmans Stroopwafels are a great gift option for the foodies in your life. Or just a snack to keep at home in your pantry. Me and my daughter ate a whole box in a day, so I give it my stamp of approval as a snack for the whole family.

Flavors & Where To Buy?

Daelmans Stroopwafels come in a variety of flavors Honey, Caramel, and Chocolate-Caramel. And can be purchased in the US Cost Plus World Market and Peters Gourmet Market. The retail price for the cube box is $4.99. The duo-pack retails for $1.79. Stroopwafels can also be found locally at Cost Plus World Market, TJMaxx, Home Goods, 7-Eleven and Walgreens (the duo packs), and you can also find them at Barnes & Noble Starbucks Cafes.

Share in the comments which ones you’re gonna try, and if you’ve had these before I definitely wanna hear from you. Happy snacking!

*Daelmans Stroopwafels provided Mommy R+R with a complementary samples for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.