Anyone who knows me will tell you I LOVE skip type of kicks, especially during the summer. I will get a pair in 5 different colors and interchange all season long. Which is why I was ecstatic when this pair from People Footwear landed on my doorstep. I can’t even tell you how I came to find this company, but I do know I was on Instagram and we have since become fast friends.

As much as I love flat shoes and kicks, my arthritic knees will not allow me to wear just any kind of shoe. I have to double stuff my shoes with inserts to be able to pound the NYC pavement. I cannot begin to count how many times my knees have given out on me or my muscles they tense up leaving my entire leg in pain and me unable to walk. Therefore comfort and support are 2 of the most important things I look for before I step out of the house in any shoe.

And this is what makes my discovery of People Footwear so incredible.

But, who are People Footwear? They’re a Canadian based shoe company, with the mission of providing it customers stylish, light weight, casual yet comfortable footwear. Their footwear is meant to be able to keep up with what its wearer is doing.


What makes them special is how comfortable they are. Their shoes are made from EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate, or rubberized foam. It makes the shoes lighter and airy, which makes your feet happy. And how a mattress molds to your body, these shoes mold to your feet. Out of sheer habit I added additional cushion for my first try with them and I could tell that I wouldn’t need it. It would be the first time in many moons when I would be going out without wearing inserts in my shoes.

people footwear

people footwear
When I got them the first thing I did was pair them with my favorite dress for a date night. The hubs dug my whole outfit…I was walking on air totally feeling myself that night.

I’ve worn them out and about running errands and they never let my feet down. I can see my pair of People Footwear kicks are going to be worn everywhere. Thankfully they’re easy clean, by hand not in the washing machine. These are truly shoes that are made with people who active and always on the move.

With styles for men and children, your entire family will be comfortable. Their fall line out and I already see a couple pair that I’m going to order. You should do the same, and let me know which ones you get.

For more information and to order a pair please visit the People Footwear website to browse and order, and the FAQ sheet for additional questions. Please keep in mind they only deliver to the United States.

*Please note the only compensation I’ve received a complementary pair of shoes for the purpose of this review. ALl thoughts and a opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: People Footwear