Well it’s official summer is over. I mean summer has technically been over, but nothing really confirms this dreaded realization than the fall back daylight savings time change. Instead of having warm daylight well beyond 7pm, now it’s going to be pitch black and cold before you can get home from work.

So what can we do to keep feeling like our pre-fall back self?

1. Go To Bed Early Saturday Night
Even though the clock turning back will give you an extra hour, that does not mean that that your body will be able to do the same. Your internal clock is still set to the previous time. So while it may only be 2am (again) your body still thinks it’s 3am. Don’t kid yourself. You’re exhausted. Go to bed.

*Reminder – Don’t forget to set your manual clocks back before you go to bed. You don’t want to wake up confused about what time it really is.

2. Wake Up At A Decent Time On Sunday Morning
Just because the clock turned back an hour that doesn’t mean that you should lay in the bed all day. While I am a staunch supporter of doing nothing as much as you possibly can I have to implore you not to  do that today. It will throw your body off more than it already is, and the result will leave you feeling sluggish when it’s time to get back to the grind on Monday.

3. Eat & Drink
Now usually when I say eat and drink I’m almost always talking about a burger and a cocktail. But this time I’m talking about a hearty healthy meal like oatmeal, fish and veggies with a bottle of water. The new time change will throw off your eating habits so you need to make sure you’re eating and staying hydrated throughout the day so you don’t feel even more run down than you already do.

daylight savings

4. Get Some Sun
Now that you’re up and ate a decent meal its time to grab some sun. We won’t have that much of it now that the time has changed so we need to take advantage of it before the cold weather arrives. You don’t have to travel far. You can sit on your porch or go for a walk around the block.

5. Go To  Bed Early Sunday Night
As previously mentioned, going to bed early is in your favor until you become used to the time change. If you want to stay up late Saturday into Sunday fine (although I wouldn’t), but don’t risk doing the same the night before the start of a new work week. Don’t risk nodding off at your desk because your body feels like it was robbed of an hour.

6. Come To The Understanding That Your Body Will Adjust (Until We Spring Forward)
It is true, you will eventually get used to it. And by the time we’ve accepted our new cold and dark hours it will be spring and time to push the clock forward.  Yeah, you’ll lose an hour but at least it will be warmer and sunnier out. That is the only consolation prize I can offer you right now.