I love chocolate just as much as the next gal but receiving it year after year can get boring. I like to switch it up. Here are my personal favorite alternatives to chocolate for Valentine’s Day:

Photo Credit: Walkers Short Breads

Walkers Shortbread
My mom gets these a lot for the kids and after I nibbled one on a sad afternoon when I ran out of my favorite vanilla sandwich cookies, they’ve since become a favorite of mine too. They have a various single boxes or you can get a basket that includes various flavors, including gluten-free. This is perfect for me because I am a HUGE tea drinker. The way people obsess over coffee is how I am with tea, except green. Receiving a large basket of shortbreads with teas and jellies would be a perfect gift for quiet Sunday afternoon tea.


Photo Credit: Radungca via Flicker

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
Leonidas makes some of the BEST chocolate in the world, but I am not going to talk about that. I am going to talk about their fruit gummies. You have not had a gummy until you’ve had one of theirs. Its shaped like fruit and they taste exactly like the fruit they represent. They aren’t hard like other gummy products, these have very soft yet solid consistency. When I get these I restrict myself to only one per day as they must be rationed and savored. Sadly, you cannot order these online they are an in store only treat. If you don’t have one in your town phone a friend and have them shipped. You’re welcome!


Photo Credit: Oreo via Twitter

Oreo Red Velvet
I LOVE COOKIES! If my husband can some way get his mitts on a package of these elusive yummies from heaven then I will break down and finally play his favorite table top game, Heroclix. My husband is a big gamer nut and unless its Mario Cart I stay clear of his much beloved hobby. But for red velvet Oreo’s, I’d play with him. It’s THAT serious.


Photo Credit: DOVEBAR

I know I said an alternative to chocolate but this is Dove ice cream and its utterly delicious. It’s another snack that I must will myself to ration and savor as its only 3 to a box and they’re smaller than my palm. If I were rich I would use my wealth to have my own personal monthly truck delivery. It’s the only ice cream I will eat so if my husband got me 3 boxes I would be in heaven for 9 days, probably less than 9.


Photo Credit: Harry & David

Harry & David
If you’ve never had a pear from Harry & David fruit box then you are totally missing out. If you’re thinking a pear is just a pear I can assure you that you couldn’t be more wrong. There are pears then there are H&D’s. I don’t know where they get their pears from but they’re ripe to perfection and flawless. Indulge in this healthy alternative and you won’t have to be concerned about deviating from your fitness goals. Its a win-win.

Do you have any alternatives to chocolate that you sometimes prefer?