• Soak Up The Sun With These 12 Summertime Wellness Activities

    Summer is in full swing and just because the kids are home that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of these summertime wellness activities. Take some time to recharge yourself with these fun things to do that’ll get you feeling rejuvenated.

    Visit Farmers Market

    If you love experimenting in the kitchen trips to the farmer’s market will surely be among your favorite things to do. There you’ll be able to find fresh seasonal produce and other products from local businesses and farms. Additionally, these markets provide an opportunity for you to sample the foods and partake in a few fun activities.

    Enjoy Some Summery Delicacies!

    Speaking of the farmer’s market, take those newly purchased ingredients and create a delicious dish with them. Depending on your mood, you can spend time in the kitchen creating alone or invite family or a few friends to join you. If it’s too hot to put the stove on, go out and sample some summer-themed cuisine. Whether you cook or go out, you can instantly improve your mood with food, plus discover some new recipes along the way that you might just adore.

    Outdoor Fitness

    If you don’t want to spend money on a gym membership or are tired of working out in the house, opt for a new change of scenery and go to the park. Summer is the ideal season to work out outside and take advantage of the wonderful weather. If you have a backyard, even better, especially if you’re someone who prefers their privacy. But if that’s not an option for you then public parks, it is! Did you know, that public parks host fitness classes and also have fitness equipment that you can use? It’s true. If you’re an NYC resident, the Parks & Rec site offers a plethora of outdoor fitness activities that are worth checking out. You can check your own local Parks & Rec site for activities near your home. This summer (and every summer), you should absolutely make it a point to exercise outside.

    Health Tip 1: While summer provides an opportunity to take your fitness routine outdoors, avoid working out in excessive heat as it can cause a myriad of health issues such as heat cramps, heat-related collapse, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Warning signs include excessive sweating, dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, vision issues, low blood pressure, and confusion. Read more on Mayo Clinic, on how heat affects your body

    Health Tip 2: Avoiding the sun at its highest peak between the hours of 11am and 2pm, drink plenty of cold water, dress lightly in breathable pieces of cotton to avoid heavy sweating, and eat a popsicle or drink a smoothie, not just because they’re tasty, but because they will help cool you down. 

    Challenge Your Photography Skills

    Whether a novice or an expert behind the lens, if you love taking photos summer is the perfect time to rediscover your city. Take a few hours, regardless of weather, to visit locations you regularly frequent or seek out places you haven’t previously been to and capture what makes these places unique and special to you. If you’re new to photography this will also be a great learning approach while you enhance your skills.

    Bike Ride

    While all of these activities are fun, bike riding has long been my personal favorite. You can see a lot more of your neighborhood on a bike than you can on foot at any given time. Check your neighborhood for the Citibikes if you don’t own one and get out there and discover the world around you. Even if you’ve been a part of the area for a while there is a slew of health benefits associated with such as reducing stress, it will help you sleep better, and can boost your energy.

    Personal Tip: Sometimes I like to combine walking and cycling. I’ll usually walk until I’ve decided I’ve walked far enough then seek out a Citibike to ride back home. 

    Start Home Garden

    Starting your own home garden is a lot of work I’m not going to lie to you, but it can also be super beneficial and fun. Not only can a home garden give you something to do regularly, maintaining a garden can also improve your mental and physical wellness health putting you in a calming mood. According to a meta-analysis from a 2017 Preventative Medicine Report, gardening has shown a  reduction in depression and anxiety, while showing an increase in life satisfaction. Not only do you get to grow whatever you want, but you also have a great activity to keep you busy throughout the summer and beyond.

    Take A Road Trip

    When you go on a road trip with family or friends, you can create priceless experiences that you can look back on. Along the trip, you get the chance to catch up with friends and relax. Road trips are year-round fun but during the summer months can be even more enjoyable. Depending on where you travel the summer months are ideal for road trips across the U.S. World of Wanderlust has a fantastic listing of 15 places to road trip during the summer that is absolutely worth checking out. While I enjoy a good spur-of-the-moment local road trip if you set aside enough advanced time with thorough research your next road trip will allow you to explore various parts of the country.

    Health Tip: Ensure you get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel. Driving for long hours can take a toll on your back and legs be sure to have proper driving posture. Download road trip-based apps like Roadtrippers. It allows you to plan your route showing you how much time it will take and things to do between your start point and your destination. Make a playlist or listen to an audiobook to starve off boredom. In the event, your body starts to get tired you can do some car stretches for relief.

    Reminder: Don’t forget to bring your charger!!

    Go for a Neighborhood Walk or Hike

    It goes without saying that summertime walks and hikes are more enjoyable because of the warmer weather. Wandering around the neighborhood has always been my personal favorite. It’s what I consider an easy way to escape the confines (and noise) of the house. It’s also a great way to discover new local businesses. If you want to venture a little further away from home, you can go on a hike. See your town in a whole new light from on top of a mountain.

    In addition to being incredibly physically gratifying, walks are known to be a fantastic way to decrease anxiety, burns calories, boosts your creativity, clears your mind, and release endorphins to make you feel happier. Walking is truly one of those activities that can lift your spirits and put your mind at ease.

    Health Tip: Avoid walking and hiking on extremely hot days. Being outdoors for too long can cause heat cramps, heat-related collapse, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Warning signs include excessive sweating, dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, vision issues, low blood pressure, and confusion.

    Organize A Picnic Alone Or With Friends

    Everyone loves picnics, and summer is the perfect season to head outside with some delicious food and soak in the surroundings. Nothing can bring you more joy than dining with the people you care about. You also get some free time to relax and chat while enjoying the lovely weather. Picnics are very inexpensive and simple to set up. Make it a potluck in which everyone brings a dish and a drink so this way one person isn’t doing all the preparing. These outdoor meals can be as fancy or simple as you want, and they can even have a theme to make them fun. The goal is to eat good food, sip delicious drinks, and enjoy everyone’s company.

    Spend Time In The Park

    Parks are such peaceful and healthy places to visit. There are so many things to do from walking, biking, or laying on the grass. According to the National Recreation and Park Association, people who spent time surrounded by greenery saw “improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduced stress, improved general health perceptions, and a greater ability to face problems.”  That said, grab a blanket and head to the park, find a shady tree, and spend the time taking in the scenery around you. Bring a snack and a drink along with a book, journal, or some music that’ll put you in a good mood.

    It’s Time to Cool Off in the Water

    Swimming is a great summertime wellness activity, and no list would be complete without it. Pool time is not only a perfect way to beat the heat, but it will also allow you to unwind after a demanding day or week at work. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard or in your building make some time to escape whenever it best fits your schedule. But for those of us who aren’t so fortunate, you can seek out community pools or your local hotels. During the summer some hotels, with outdoor pools offer day passes so you can lounge all day.

    Additionally, swimming is packed full of health and wellness benefits such as reducing stress, providing you a full-body workout, you can burn calories, increasing your energy levels, and as a whole is great for your overall well-being especially when paired with healthy eating habits.

    Try A New Flavor of Ice Cream

    Whether from an ice cream shop or off of a truck, enjoying an ice cream cone is an ultimate cool-down snack escape. Get a couple of scoops of your favorite flavors or you can be bold and daring and try something completely new. The only health benefit of ice cream is that it makes us happy, and that’s the ONLY benefit that matters.

    What summertime wellness activities will you be partaking in?

  • 30 Mommy Me Time Activities You Can Do in One Hour: Sponsored by Armitron

    This post is sponsored by Armitron. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    If there is one thing I cannot stress enough and it’s the importance of taking time for yourself. Why is it so important? Because the time we spend alone with ourselves improves our physical and mental health. Without moments to ourselves it’s only a matter of time before we become less focused, short tempered in addition to feeling tired and overworked.

    So what exactly is keeping moms from taking  time that they so desperately need and deserve? The answer is simple. Time.  It’s the one thing moms truly don’t have enough of.  Time is something we talk about and say we’re going to take for ourselves, yet the lack of hours in a day prevents us enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. Taking time for oneself is a task that is truly easier said than done.

    I know this from personal experience as I cannot tell you how many weekends since January I said I was going to the spa. I can tell you it’s more than a dozen. How many times did I make it there? None. I made it zero times.  But that’s not surprising. Moms all over, myself included, find it increasing difficult to even carve out the smallest amount of time for themselves. Oh yes, I struggle with it just like you. And it’s quite understandable. We have jobs (in and out of the home), homes to care for,  kids to care for, PTA meetings, after school extracurricular activities, etc. Hectic work/home schedules always leaves little room for mom to have time to herself.

    So I decided to  take a stand. Two weeks ago I opened my calendar and went to the first weekend that I was free and marked a day for myself. Nothing and no one would stop me. I shared this plan with my friend Allaya. She loved the idea and asked to tag along.  Excitement was in the air!

    But the burning question looming over us was, what would we do once we were out of the house? It didn’t take long for us to blow up our chat with things to do once we flew the coop. Then we thought about it – not all moms have hours to themselves. What if they only have an hour. What could they do in 60 minutes that would make them feel good? Our list is below:


    Visit an ice cream shop
    Rent a paddle boat in the park
    Go for a walk/run
    Get a facial/massage
    Go for a drive
    Walk the bridges
    Take a yoga class
    Get a wash and blowout
    Take a class relating to a hobby
    Do arts and crafts
    Take a paint/wine class
    Go thrift shopping
    Lay with pets at the pet shop
    Go to a happy hour
    Get a makeover at Sephora
    Get a wax
    Rent a Citibike
    Have sex
    Take a long hot bath
    Visit a girlfriend
    People watching at the park
    Have a picnic
    Go to the library to check out free books
    Go to the bookstore to buy books
    Play video/board games
    Go to Target alone
    Watch Netflix/HULU
    Take a nap
    Bake yourself a cake

    When the day came for our big day out we had no clue as to what we were going to do, but we had a starting point from our list. Curfews don’t exist for us but our Armitron watches would keep us from staying out too late. That’s the best thing about watches, you don’t realize you need on til you have one on. Yeah we have our phones but when you’re trying to disconnect watches are the key. Armitron has a wide variety of watches that are perfect for every type of mom time adventure. They have sporty watches for moms who are seeking active time like fitness classes or swimming, casual watches for days you want to grab a bite with friends, and diamond accented watches for very special occasions such as a date night with your partner.

    armitron watches


    armitron watches
    Armitron Sporty
    armitron watches
    Armitron Casual

    I filmed our entire adventure so you can see what you can do on your own (or with a friend) with at least one hour of time to yourself.

    The next day despite us being out so late we felt great! And while we didn’t do all 30 it was still mission accomplished. When I woke up the next day I felt renewed and less stressed. Little annoyances around the house from the kids and the husband didn’t bug me like they did two days before. My internal rejuvenation clock was reset and I was ready to tackle on whatever the day had in store for me.

    The after feeling of doing something that is just for you is why mom time is so important. I encourage all moms to open their calendars and pick a  day just for you. Go out alone or tell a friend, spend one hour or several alone the choice is yours. But the choice to not do it is non-negotiable as your happiness and health depend on it.

    Oh, by the way if you need a sitter so that you can take the time I’m giving you $35 (the equivalent of an hour and a half) towards a sitter from Urbansitter. This is for first time sign ups only. See now you’ve really got no excuse. Have fun!

    *To shop the watches shown in this post visit Armitron online or at your nearest department store.