• Creating an Organized & Tranquil Home Workspace

    If you’re someone who works from home it can sometimes be a difficult task to keep your area neat, clean, and tranquil. My desk on a good day can be covered with work, research, and other random things – on top of toys, drawings, sippy cups, and crumbs…lots of crumbs. When truthfully, workspaces should give us peace and solitude so that our minds can open and flow free in order for us to create. But as you know it doesn’t always work that way.

    This is my desk (I know you didn’t think it was that nice one in the header pic..hahaha nope.), it’s small, in a corner, facing a wall (hence the bad lighting in the pic), but it has everything I need on it to inspire me. From my fun geometric theme background (that I change constantly), my jar of sand with shells I’ve collected from all over the Caribbean (the beach keeps my sanity), my ‘I AM AN EXPERT’ sheet from BlogHer15, my reach for the stars statue, not to mention that I am surrounded by candles. When I sit here it lets me get in the zone for the project at hand.

    home office

    Your work area should be the same. It should contain all the things you need to successfully complete your project, as well as trinkets that give you positive and motivational energy. This includes actually having a clean desk. You see when your desk is cluttered your mind becomes cluttered. You can’t spread out, and it causes you to spend more time looking for new places to stack things that you keep knocking onto the floor instead of the task you should be working on. In the end, you just end up wasting time, when time is money.

    Of course, we get busy during the day and our kids just have to put everything they own on our desks so it’s hard to keep it spotless at all times. But what I found (that works for me) is taking a quick break and putting away things you’ve completed in a ‘done’ folder or drawer while you continue to work from the ‘to do’ folder. This will help keep your desk neat. And I also limit the things my kids put on my desk. I allow one picture per child in my area. This allows me to show off their artwork while not having it turned into a dumping ground.

     Ways I keep my area organized:
    Since my desk is rather small I made a second area just beside my desk, and this is where I store all my papers, products up for review, and things I’ve received from events. As a blogger, you never know how much stuff you’ve accumulated, until you discover you have no more room for all the new stuff that you get.

    I give away a lot of things because I really have no use for it or I already have 100 of whatever it is. So for the things that I want I use decorative boxes and inexpensive shelving units to keep things neat and presentable. This keeps my bedroom from looking a shambles, it lets me know where everything is located, and most importantly, it keeps the kids from getting their hands on it.

    home office

    I’m currently using:

    2 old end tables with drawers and shelves
    2 storage boxes
    1 Woven basket
    1 Plastic shelving unit

    How to keep your desk from cluttering up again?
    This is simple, tossing anything you know you don’t need. Like seriously, that note on your desk from 3 months ago to call back a friend or client, or a menu from lunch a few weeks back…chuck it in the trash. It’s a task that’s done and over with, so be like Frozen and let it go. Notes and things that you would like to keep get a special folder and put in a place where it’s out of the way of your current work, yet easily accessible if you needed it at the drop of a hat.

    These are the tips I use that give my wall-facing home office cubicle solitude, keeps it neat and organized, and helps it remain clutter-free.  What are ways that you try to keep your area neat and peaceful?


    Wednesday, June 4 was National Girlfriend’s Networking Day. The event was hosted by The New Agenda. The purpose of the conference was to bring attention to the power of building connections between women. There was a panel of renowned, diverse women leaders who spoke about how to plan your career path and took questions via social media. The advice was sound and universal, meaning any woman from a college student to a CEO could use the methods and advice given.

    “It is a celebration of the power of building connections” – The New Agenda

    After the conference I held my own Twitter Networking Party. The purpose of the party was to bring together my followers to discuss their businesses, why they decided to go out on their own and of course…to network. Click the hashtag #MRRNGN to view the party.

    national girlfriends networking daynational girlfriends networking day

    During the conference I was tweeting in the official #NGNDAY and as a result a couple of those tweets were mentioned in a wrap up of the Twitter party. All of the tweets selected sums up everything that NGN Day was all about. Women connecting to help each other succeed. It’s necessary that we teach our daughters the importance of networking. I look forward to next years event!