• Wondershow the Best Mindfucking Show in Town

    wondershowLast weekend was the first time in ages that I was able to have a date night. Our destination was the Patrick Terry produced WONDERSHOW taking place for one weekend only in Brooklyn.

    WONDERSHOW was a 3-night spectacle of mystery and mischief featuring the world famous Jon Stetson, the inspiration for TV’s The Mentalist, Master Lee (Late Night with Conan O’Brien), TJ Tana (Masters of Illusion), The Great Throwdini (Winner of The Merlin Award, 40 Guinness World Records, The Late Show with David Letterman) Ben Nemser (Hollywood’s Magic Castle), prima burlesque ballerina Aurora Black, with Audra Isadora as the evenings Master of Ceremonies.   A highlight of some of the performers (Master Lee, The Great Throwdini and Aurora Black)

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    She’s better than I …cause I wouldn’t #wondershow #knifethrowing

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    WONDERSHOW is nothing you’d expect and everything you imagine! All of the performers were minfuckingly awesome! But my absolute favorites were TJ Tana the master illusionist. I am still trying to figure out all his tricks. I sat in my seat utterly captivated by his ability to make 2 and 3 birds appear despite the fact that I was staring at him the entire time, without blinking. And headliner, John Stetson the inspiration behind the mentalist, with his ability to see into people’s minds was freaky. He was able to tell an audience member who they were talking to on the phone, and I don’t mean by luckily picking a name out of thin air. He knew the gender, name and phone number of the person on the other line. Which lead up to his final trick of the night, I thought for sure the audience member had stumped him. Oh, no. He showed all of us that everything on the board went directly back to the item she had chosen. It was amazing!

    It was truly an entertaining show and we look forward to future events. If WONDERSHOW comes to your town, buy a ticket and go.

    WONDERSHOW Live at The Muse from Patrick Terry on Vimeo.

    *Please note that for the purpose of this post I was given 2 complimentary VIP tickets to this show. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


    During the BlogHer15 conference attendees had the opportunity to attend exclusive events for products and services that won’t be available for weeks or even months from now. One such event was an early screening of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

    I’ve been a fan of the Mission: Impossible film franchise since the first one was released in 1996, and over the course of almost 20 years the films have gotten bigger and better. With a release date of July 31 Rogue Nation will be, in my opinion, its best film to date.

    Rogue Nation picks up after Ghost Protocol and we find Tom Cruise on the run and Jeremy Renner facing off with Alec Baldwin regarding the IMF’s knack for causing destruction, remember the Kremlin? With everything in jeopardy its up to Cruise and his team to assemble and put an end to an even more dangerous threat known as, The Syndicate.

    It starts off with Cruise, known for his stunts finding himself in a predicament which could possibly end this movie before it even gets started…(Word on the street he did this himself. If so, he’s crazier than I thought)

    While on the hunt for The Syndicate he meets a beautiful sidekick…who, it must be said, can kick some serious ass. She scared me quite frankly

    To get to the top secret information before The Syndicate Cruise must…

    To which I say…

    cause I mean if I gotta do that…well, they can have it.

    And if that wasn’t enough to get your stomach all flip floppy there’s a high speed chase with the hilarious Simon Pegg in the front seat. I didn’t know if I should hold on for my life or laugh…

    And the rest is just too good to spoil. Jammed packed with everything you’d expect from a Mission: Impossible film, it’s easy to declare Rogue Nation THE must see film of the summer. It will be released nationwide on July 31.

    Watch The Trailer

    GIF Credit: Buzzfeed (title gif only)