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    To bring awareness to National Sleep Comfortably Month, I’ve partnered with QuickZip sheets to share with you tips that will help give you the proper sleep you deserve. So what does one need in order to get a good night’s rest?


    First things first, gotta start with the right mattress. With so many different brands, types and pricing it makes it almost impossible to choose one. But by visiting your local mattress retailer you will be able to try out and choose which one works best for you based upon your sleeping habits. I’m a side sleeper (and an edge huger – that was just something extra to share), so according to Sleepopolis, side sleepers need mattresses that will provide support, is kinda firm, will limit hip rotation and contours to the curves of our body.

    Now, if you think good sleep stops at the mattress you’d be wrong. Pillows are the cherry on top of ushering us into dreamland. If you have a crappy pillow your body will let you know as you’ll likely wake up in the morning in pain, still feeling exhausted or worse, both. This can also be the case with a crappy mattress too! So like my mattress, I will need to find pillows with great support that will keep my neck, back and spine aligned.

    How to determine what type of sleeper you are (side, back or stomach). Then choose the type of mattress and pillow that will best suit your needs. If your partner sleeps differently from you, which is most always the case then the ever popular sleep number beds may be a better route for you.

    Here are mattress and pillow suggestions for back and stomach sleepers recommended by Sleepopolis.


    Now that you’ve got your mattress and pillows chosen. The next step is the bedding. Sheets and blankets are everything when we talk about sleeping comfortably. I love my sheets to be soft to the touch and and make me feel like I’m sliding between two pieces of silk. Sheets that are rough and hard have no place in my home, or yours. Like, who wants to lay on a literal sheet made of rock? Not me. I also need a good year round blanket as I like my room cold so I can snuggle up, even in the summer time.

    I’m always on the hunt for my new favorite sheet set and I’m pretty sure that I found it with QuickZip sheets. Now you may be familiar with them if you have crib sized children. Their sheets wrap around the entire baby mattress to keep baby from pulling it up and possibly hurting themselves. I don’t know why I didn’t have this sheet in my life when my own kids were crib sized. The world may never know. But what I do know now is they have sheets for mommy and daddy’s bed and its unlike any sheet you ever felt or used in your life.

    quickzip sheets

    Is it not blowing your mind that there is a sheet that dam near envelopes your entire mattress with its deep corner pockets. Like holy cow! So long loose fitting sheets that pull up at the edges or crinkle under you as you sleep. This is a sheet that you will put once and never have to struggle with taking it off again. Okay, well, you will take it off to clean it but not in the way you think. See how…

    You betta #GetYourSheetTogether and get some QuickZip sheets in your family’s life. Holiday’s are upon us give a gift that  truly keeps on  giving, which is why I’m giving you a 10% coupon off you order until November 30th with code MommyRR. Thanks QuickZip sheets for making my sheet changing chore that much easier, especially with my bad knees.

    To find out more information about QuickZip sheets visit their official site.


    Now that you have the mattress and pillow of your body’s dreams and a sheet set that won’t pull and move with you while you sleep, now you need a nightly bedtime routine. This routine will unwind your body and signal it that you’re ready to hit the sack. This routine is yours and should last as long as YOU need it to.

    I have the same routine every single evening. Right around 11pm I take a long hot shower. And by long, I mean, at least 20 minutes. This is more enjoying being in the shower without having to rush or listen out for children raising hell in the other room. After showering I put a pot of water on for hot tea. While the water is heating I oil my skin, set my phone to ‘do not disturb’ and put my pajamas on. By the time the water on the stove is to my liking I make tea, usually peppermint, then I climb into bed. This is where I will watch something I saved on DVR or read and enjoy my tea. Like clockwork I will be asleep before 12:30am.

    You need to set your own routine that will bring you personal comfort. But I suggest at bare minimum of shutting down your phone. Trolling the net before bedtime will not trigger sleep but keep you awake. Think about it, how many times have you said I’m going to bed but two hours later you’re on your 10th cat video on Facebook. Trust me, shut it down.

    Your goal should be to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Anything less and you won’t be able to function. You’ll feel even more tired in the morning, coupled with shitty attitude that will make your stomach a bottomless pit for coffee. Unless you’re a coffee fiend then being a bottomless coffee pit would be heaven. Okay, well,  just make sure you’re going to bed at a decent hour you can get the proper recommended amount of sleep.

    By following these 3 tips you should be zzz’ing (I just made that up) your way to a better more comfortable night’s rest.

    *FYI: QuickZip Sheets gifted me with one king size base and zip-on sheet and one additional zip-on sheet for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. In addition, this set does not include a flat sheet or pillowcases. This is a flat sheet only.

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