• 30 Cozy Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love Chill Around House

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    I’m someone who enjoys lounging around the house and I know I’m not alone. So here are some cozy gift ideas that are perfect for the woman who can relate to sleeping in some weekends and who would rather stay in than go out, especially during the winter.

    cozy gift ideas

    Shop These Cozy Gift Ideas:

    Cozy Gift Ideas

    1. SheIn Women’s 7pcs Pajama Set – $36.99+

    2. Kingole Flannel Fleece Luxury Throw – $26.99

    3. State Cashmere Knitted Loungewear Set– $103.70+

    4. Fuzzy Fluffy Furry Slippers – $15.19+

    5. Womens Fuzzy Slipper Socks – $16.99+

    6. Waitu Wearable Blanket – $39.99+

    7. Namastay In Bed T-shirt – $16.95

    8. YANIBEST Satin Sleep Cap – $17.99+

    9. Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket with Cozy Plush Flannel – $77.99

    10. Yeokou Women’s Warm Sherpa Sweatpants – $26.99+


    Cozy Gift Ideas

    11. AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set – $39.99

    12. Ferbia Women Oversized Cardigan – $38.98

    13. Slip Silk Classic Large Scrunchies – $39.00

    14. Asmork 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – $19.99

    15. Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs – $20.99

    16. Bosmarlin Large Stoneware Coffee Mug – $11.99

    17. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove – $269.99

    18. thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – $29.00

    19. Ruched Faux Fur Plush 3 Piece Set – $39.99

    20. Qeils Luxury-Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Full Body Pillow – $37.99


    Cozy Gift Ideas

    21. SKYLINEWEARS Adult Onesie for Women – $37.99+

    22. Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser& Essential Oil Set – $69.95

    23. Oversized Pashmina Blanket Scarf Shawl – $14.99

    24. Backrest Lounge Cushion with Arms – $42.99

    25. LINENSPA 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper – $59.99

    26. Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World – $10.99 (Kindle Edition)

    27. Bear-A-Bowls Microwavable Bowl Cozies – $19.97

    *Check out these chicken noodle soup recipes. They will warm your belly and soul.

    28. Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Warm Fleece Winter Robe – $39.99

    29. Yanser Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk Eye Mask – $19.79

    30. Love & Linger Luxury Candle ‘Winter Flannel’ – $28.95


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  • Easy Tips for Creating a Tranquil and Organized Home Workspace

    Organized Home Workspace mommyrandr valerie pierre

    Home workspaces at times can be hard to keep neat and organized. As moms, we get busy and our work area can quickly become a dumping ground for, well, everything. My desk can be cluttered with work, research, bills, and random kid things on its worst day. I’m sad to say that there are days when I barely have space to type and move the mouse. Then I wonder why I can’t find that post-it with that thought on it or I’m staring off into space.

    The thing you and I have to remember is when our desks are cluttered our minds become cluttered. Think about it, when you get to point break and finally clean your area, what happens afterward? Exactly, everything you were trying to get out before now pours out. Everything is clear and makes sense when earlier you were in a brain fog. While brain fogs are normal, many times it’s induced because our workspace isn’t conducive to productivity and creativity.

    How Does One Create a Tranquil & Organized Home Workspace?

    Organized Home Workspace mommyrandr valerie pierre

    First things first, your workspace should have a theme that reflects your personality. Color scheme, lighting, and decor should reflect the tone you want to set when at your workspace, not to mention comfort. My workspace is decorated in the ‘boho abstract’ style in color and decor. The pinks, tans, browns, deep yellows, and leafy greens make me feel calm and gives me inspiration.

    The next thing, your workspace should only contain are things that will radiate positive and motivational energy. This is to help you easily get into the zone of whatever you’re working on. I have a small cactus, art from the kids, a diffuser, crystals, boho artwork in my workspace. I also listen to LoFi Girl (formally ChilledCow) to really get into the zone.

    Lastly, I cannot tell you where to set up your workspace since every home is laid out differently. But what I can say is, if possible create a workspace that’s off to itself from the rest of the house so it won’t disturb you as much. Convert a nook or corner, or even a spare bedroom if you have space. Also, put your workspace near a window to give yourself natural sunlight and fresh air. You’d be surprised at how reenergized you’ll feel after opening your window for a breeze and sunlight.

    Before you start decorating take some time to think about what kind of vibe you want to immerse yourself in. You can choose a singular theme or you can create your own eclectic vibe. The key is to create a workspace that you will feel open-minded and productive in, and if something is throwing off the vibe, change it and keep changing it until it’s perfect for you.

    Keep Your Workspace Tranquil With These Items

    (Shop this image: 1. Desk, 2. Chair, 3. Lamp, 4. Organizer, 5. Diffuser, 6. Monstera plant, 7. Google Nest Mini, 8. Crystal, 9. Art, 10. Bookcase)

    How Do You Keep Your Area Organized

    For me, what I’ve found is taking a quick break mid-day to put away completed projects, using labeled folders and bins for things I will work on later, and throw away unwanted trash keeps the vibe going. Also, at the end of the night, I wipe down my desk and sweep around my area. I snack at my desk so I have to make sure to clean thoroughly.

    I also use a bookcase for storage along with clear plastic bins, to keep the aesthetic, for smaller items. As someone who owns lots of stationery materials, I have to keep them organized and together. You can use these items too or you can use decorative baskets or colorful cloth bins. I utilize a basket for magazines and books that I want in my immediate workspace area. It’s not overflowing because the key is to not have it look cluttered.

    Finally, tossing anything you know you don’t need. Like seriously, that note on your desk from 3 months ago that you can’t remember what it was for, trash it. That lunch menu you have three of already, trash two of them. For loose notes and things that you would like to keep get a whiteboard, special folder, or keep a digital note file. This will keep everything easily accessible if you needed it at the drop of a hat.

    In what ways do you make create a tranquil and organized home workspace?
  • Creating and Maintaining An Emotionally Soothing Home Environment

    Eight years, one month, two weeks, and one day. That’s how long I lived with my mother-in-law. What was meant to be a quick two-year pit stop to save money to buy a home turned into the darkest part of my marriage and my life. Last year, my word of 2019 was happiness and I spoke briefly on how living with my in-law was difficult for me. That’s why moving out was so imperative. It took a lot of work and sacrifice on Jeff’s part to make this happen for us. It was a long time coming but I’m grateful to finally be free.

    It’s said that your home either nurtures you or leaves you exhausted by depleting your energy. After a full day of dealing with life and Coronavirus, everyone awaits the moment to enter their comfort space and have a relaxing ever after. But if your home is full of negativity, chaos, stress, and disturbance, it would be impossible for you to fully release and relax. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you create and maintain an emotionally soothing atmosphere at home.

    This is one of the many reasons why it was imperative that we got out of my in-law’s house. The juju there was negative and far from relaxing, no matter how tranquil I decorated our rooms. The space overall was full of stress, resentment, and anger. It took nothing for me and Jeff to argue or for me to have to yell at my in-laws, especially my no-account brother-in-law. That’s why once we moved it was imperative that I create a home environment that was emotionally soothing.

    These are the things we’ve adapted in our new apartment:

    Soothing Atmosphere at Home mommyrandr

    Speaking politely and calmly

    One of the prime foundations of a soothing home atmosphere is everyone being polite to each other. At my in-laws, someone was always speaking unnecessarily loudly or rudely. Which caused me to develop the same habits out of frustration. That’s not good because loud and irritating sounds create a stressful environment between family members – me towards Jeff and the kids. So I vowed not to do this in our new home. It must never be forgotten that people tend to react better to tones that are respectful rather than shouting and overreacting. I’m naturally loud, so coupled with my tone, I sound angry all the time. It’s important for me to work on being more mindful of how my volume and tone. It’s all about more listening and less shouting.

    Keeping our surroundings clean and appealing

    A chaotic surrounding leads to an annoying and tired atmosphere. So this time around I’ve ditched all my old stuff furniture and decor and added mindful art, plants, and reduced the clutter inside my home. Clutter will make your surroundings uninviting and confined. Hence, the reason I’ve been on a trash/donate kick. Why am I keeping those old DVDs or knick-knacks? They don’t do anything but collect dust. I lived cramped, compact, and in clutter for so long that I refuse to do it now. I have a huge space and I want to show it off.

    Incorporating relaxing colors

    In my 20’s I was all about dark colors and woods. Now as I near my 40’s I only want bright colors. While my couch may be grey I’m all about adding colors and prints that move me. I have white walls and accent furniture but I also plan to add bits of pinks, teals, and greens. The key is to not go overboard with super bright tones keep it to peaceful calming tones.

    Allowing natural light and air to flow through the house

    There’s no other more enormous source of relaxation than nature. And this is where a lot of my arguments with my in-laws stemmed from. I am someone who needs the curtains and the windows open at all times no matter the season. My mother-in-law disagrees. If it’s below 70 it’s deemed freezing and all the windows must be closed and locked. I can’t function that way. I require fresh air to keep my health, energy, and positivity up. Also letting air flow through will take out stale smells and bacteria. In our new home, I’ve had my curtains and windows wide open since we’ve been here. It’s a wonderful feeling to not worry if someone will come behind me to shut them.

    Eliminate noise and interruption

    Though a well-ventilated house is a source of calm and freshness, it can sometimes bring unwanted noise and disruption. Traffic noise, construction noise, and loud neighbors can make you more stressed. My in-laws were always loud and loved to interrupt you no matter what we were doing. To overcome that situation, I used blackout curtains, candles, and played soothing music. Jeff knows by now I put my calming music on low enough for me to hear it as a way to help me block out the noise around me. For me, scent and sound promote relaxation even in stressful environments. Especially, music. It works as a therapy in helping me to bring down stressful chaotic thoughts. In my new place, I still listen to calming music cause I have kids, so, I’ll never not need it but it’s not as frequent when I was living with my in-laws.

    Limiting screen time and talking as a family

    Before the move, we could hardly talk about anything without my brother-in-law chiming in with noises or an opinion no one asked for. Now that we have our own space we can all have constructively fun conversations without his unwanted interference. It’s crucial that we as a family show care to everyone’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas. It’s also not about what we say in the house but what we do. We’ve also been spending more time playing, being silly, and doing fun activities. This will not only have a positive impact on my mental health but also Jeff and the kids too, thus leading us to create an emotionally soothing atmosphere at home for all.

    What tips do you have to create an emotionally soothing atmosphere at home?