• Lizzo’s Live Meditation On IG Will Have You Feelin’ Good As Hell

    Let me come right on out and say that I love me some Lizzo. She had me at, “you could’ve had a bad bitch…”. I feel her spirit on a level that allows me to connect with her even though I don’t know know her. She is the friend who will tell us about ourselves when we ain’t livin’ right and hype us up when we do the damn thing. In a nutshell, she’s the friend we all should be lucky enough to have in our lives.

    The Meditation

    She opens the meditation speaking about feeling helpless in the midst of the global crises we’re currently experiencing. I, like you, can relate to that. I’m worried about my mom who lives a state away and works in a hospital. I can’t visit her at this time because either one of us could be carriers with no current symptoms. We cannot risk infecting each other. I worry about the children who are going without because school was how they got a meal. This also extends to young adults in college whose dorms are their homes. These are trying times and while I’m doing what I can for mine and for those in my community a feeling of helplessness still weighs heavily on me.

    But the main topic that she speaks on, and the basis for the meditation, is fear. Fear of the disease. She sums it up perfectly by stating fear of getting the virus spreads faster than actually getting it. And it’s true. While I have been going out on store runs (we gotta eat) I’m paranoid of the idea that I could get it or Jeff since he has to go out for work. Shit, the kids? My fear is that we may not survive it. My mom may not survive it. Worse, humanity may not survive it.

    I think that fear can spread so much hatred. Fear can spread so much negative energy. Fear can spread the disease, even quicker than the disease can. – Lizzo

    She invites viewers to visualize the Earth and the fear that’s spreading as a result of this virus. Now in order to remove the fear, we have to see it as something that can be easily removed like a jacket, sunglasses or a wig. When we eliminate fear then and only then will we be able to get through these scary times. The mantra for this meditation is: Fear does not exist in my body. Fear does not exist in my home. Love exists in my body. And she calls upon us to say these words to ourselves until it becomes a way of life.

    Watch the meditation session below 


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    A meditation and mantra to promote healing during this global crisis. Use at your own pace. Love you!

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    Woo, chile, I don’t know about you but I was relaxed as hell. Her down to earthiness made it feel like it was me and my best girl just kicking it. Of, course her flute playing took it to a whole new level. I feel like Lizzo and meditation is most definitely a thing that should happen on a regular basis.

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    What did you think of Lizzo leading a meditation as a way to help heal the world? Share with me in the comments below.
  • Four Major Mental Health Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

    Are you wondering what mindfulness is? Perhaps you already know and want some reasons why this would be a beneficial lifestyle change. While mindfulness is often associated with meditation, you don’t have to mediate to be more mindful. Today I’m going to share more about mindfulness and the benefits of this practice.

    What Exactly is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is the art in which we learn to pay attention to our feelings and thoughts. Practicing mindfulness comes with acceptance, not judgment, of what you’re thinking and feeling during any given situation. You’ll evaluate what you’re feeling and thinking as a means to be more aware of what works best and doesn’t work best for you in life. You’ll use this information to start being more aware of how you respond and act in all areas of life.

    The Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness
    Boosts Working Memory

    Since mindfulness is an art that makes you more aware of how your feeling and what you’re thinking, your working memory improves. You’ll be forcing your brain to work during your daily interactions as a means to become more self-aware of your thoughts and feelings. When you increase your brain usage, your working memory starts to improve.

    Reduces Stress & Anxiety

    When you become more aware of how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking, there’s a sense of calm that overcomes you. Mindfulness is more about acceptance and awareness than judgment. You’ll start to reduce stress and anxiety because you’ll learn to embrace how you’re feeling and thinking as opposed to analyzing or criticizing it.

    Improves Focus

    As you continue practicing mindfulness regularly, you’ll find that you have improved focus in all areas of life. You’re using your mind to focus on how you’re feeling and thinking, therefore it’s a similar activity to help increase your concentration skills. When you become more aware of your thoughts, you’re better able to clear your mind to have more brain power for focus in other areas of life.

    Reduced Emotional Reactions

    Lastly, another benefit of mindfulness is that it reduces the risk of you reacting emotionally to any given situation. When you start practicing mindfulness, you’ll be able to pause before speaking. This practice enables you to respond to situations as opposed to react to them. Being able to reduce emotional reactions is a fabulous way to increase your ability to effectively communicate with anyone.

    benefits of practicing mindfulness mommyrandr

    These are just some of the major benefits of practicing mindfulness that you’ll experience. Mindfulness will take a lot of effort and focus at first, but in time this practice will come quite naturally to you. You’ll begin to feel lower stress levels, fewer anxiety attacks, and in turn, live a happier life when you make the commitment to practice mindfulness.