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  • 30 Mommy Me Time Activities You Can Do in One Hour: Sponsored by Armitron

    This post is sponsored by Armitron. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    If there is one thing I cannot stress enough and it’s the importance of taking time for yourself. Why is it so important? Because the time we spend alone with ourselves improves our physical and mental health. Without moments to ourselves it’s only a matter of time before we become less focused, short tempered in addition to feeling tired and overworked.

    So what exactly is keeping moms from taking  time that they so desperately need and deserve? The answer is simple. Time.  It’s the one thing moms truly don’t have enough of.  Time is something we talk about and say we’re going to take for ourselves, yet the lack of hours in a day prevents us enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. Taking time for oneself is a task that is truly easier said than done.

    I know this from personal experience as I cannot tell you how many weekends since January I said I was going to the spa. I can tell you it’s more than a dozen. How many times did I make it there? None. I made it zero times.  But that’s not surprising. Moms all over, myself included, find it increasing difficult to even carve out the smallest amount of time for themselves. Oh yes, I struggle with it just like you. And it’s quite understandable. We have jobs (in and out of the home), homes to care for,  kids to care for, PTA meetings, after school extracurricular activities, etc. Hectic work/home schedules always leaves little room for mom to have time to herself.

    So I decided to  take a stand. Two weeks ago I opened my calendar and went to the first weekend that I was free and marked a day for myself. Nothing and no one would stop me. I shared this plan with my friend Allaya. She loved the idea and asked to tag along.  Excitement was in the air!

    But the burning question looming over us was, what would we do once we were out of the house? It didn’t take long for us to blow up our chat with things to do once we flew the coop. Then we thought about it – not all moms have hours to themselves. What if they only have an hour. What could they do in 60 minutes that would make them feel good? Our list is below:


    Visit an ice cream shop
    Rent a paddle boat in the park
    Go for a walk/run
    Get a facial/massage
    Go for a drive
    Walk the bridges
    Take a yoga class
    Get a wash and blowout
    Take a class relating to a hobby
    Do arts and crafts
    Take a paint/wine class
    Go thrift shopping
    Lay with pets at the pet shop
    Go to a happy hour
    Get a makeover at Sephora
    Get a wax
    Rent a Citibike
    Have sex
    Take a long hot bath
    Visit a girlfriend
    People watching at the park
    Have a picnic
    Go to the library to check out free books
    Go to the bookstore to buy books
    Play video/board games
    Go to Target alone
    Watch Netflix/HULU
    Take a nap
    Bake yourself a cake

    When the day came for our big day out we had no clue as to what we were going to do, but we had a starting point from our list. Curfews don’t exist for us but our Armitron watches would keep us from staying out too late. That’s the best thing about watches, you don’t realize you need on til you have one on. Yeah we have our phones but when you’re trying to disconnect watches are the key. Armitron has a wide variety of watches that are perfect for every type of mom time adventure. They have sporty watches for moms who are seeking active time like fitness classes or swimming, casual watches for days you want to grab a bite with friends, and diamond accented watches for very special occasions such as a date night with your partner.

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    Armitron Casual

    I filmed our entire adventure so you can see what you can do on your own (or with a friend) with at least one hour of time to yourself.

    The next day despite us being out so late we felt great! And while we didn’t do all 30 it was still mission accomplished. When I woke up the next day I felt renewed and less stressed. Little annoyances around the house from the kids and the husband didn’t bug me like they did two days before. My internal rejuvenation clock was reset and I was ready to tackle on whatever the day had in store for me.

    The after feeling of doing something that is just for you is why mom time is so important. I encourage all moms to open their calendars and pick a  day just for you. Go out alone or tell a friend, spend one hour or several alone the choice is yours. But the choice to not do it is non-negotiable as your happiness and health depend on it.

    Oh, by the way if you need a sitter so that you can take the time I’m giving you $35 (the equivalent of an hour and a half) towards a sitter from Urbansitter. This is for first time sign ups only. See now you’ve really got no excuse. Have fun!

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  • 10 Things Moms Would Do with $100 and Four Hours of Alone Time

    The question, if your husband/partner gave you $100 and four hours of uninterrupted alone time, how would you spend it? Was recently asked in a mommy group that I frequent.

    It took no time for the answers to start accumulating. There were over 50 by the time I got there, and the question had only been posted moments before. From the responses I saw taking a nap ranked #1, which is obvious, since moms hardly sleep. But there were other answers that I thought were worthy of a top 10 listing.

    So here we go…10 Things Moms Would Do With $100 And Four Hours Alone:

    “Pocket the money and take a nap.”

    “Get a massage.”

    “Get hair done with a mani/pedi.”

    “Who the fuck am I kidding, split the money 50/50 and buy the kids something.”

    “Something illegal.” (I’m still waiting to find out what the “illegal” part is lol!)

    “Call up my bff’s and say let’s go out for drinks.”

    “If I lived near a casino I would sit at the card table and hope to make more money with it.”

    “Find a new man who would give me more than $100 for four hours of freedom.” (Her husband told her to write that.)

    “Enjoy a cup of coffee alone.”
    I just really really enjoy my first sip of hot coffee in the morning. Especially on a Monday.

    “Drink wine and smoke some trees.” (You’d be surprised how many said this.)

    I know you already answered the question, was yours listed? If not, what would you do with the money and the time? My original answer was to hit up the Setai Wall Street (my favorite spa in all of NYC. I mention it often) for a day of steam, sauna and hot tea. But I saw someone say, “pocket the money and take a nap.”  It took no time for me to agree that her answer made much better sense. I’d be able to get all the sleep I needed and wake up $100 richer. But who the fuck would I be kidding, cause as soon as I wake up I’d go on Amazon and buy as many books as I could. Rich today, poor later that day. LOL!


    unnamedName – LiaWT
    Location – Northern VA – DC Metro area
    Occupation – Blogger at

    How many children do you have? Two, a bright, funny, and energetic seven year old boy and a lively, lovely, and silly four year old girl.

    When was the last time you had mommy me time? Last Saturday. How did you spend the time? I went to a conference that I had been wanting to go to for some time and got to think adult thoughts and have adult conversations.

    When was the last time your spent time with your partner or girlfriends? Last Friday night.

    How did you spend the time? I went with my amazing hubby to a parent’s potluck for my son’s class and had a good time.

    Do you have a favorite place to go that gives you a little solitude? I like being out doors or at Spa World, even a Barnes and Nobles is a relaxing and welcome change of scenery.

    If you could spend 24 hours alone how would you spend it? Sleeping, eating, reading, getting a complete spa treatment, writing, dancing or some other activity I love and rarely get to do.

    What are your favorite hobbies? I just listed some of my favorite hobbies out in the last question because I love doing them so much, that is how I would spend a spare 24 hours.  Writing/blogging, reading, eating, traveling, dancing, exercising, watching movies, binge watching my favorite shows, spending time with family and friends.

    What song or type of music do you blast when the kids aren’t around? I love r&b from all eras, rap, rock, 80’s and 90’s music.  I pretty much listen to things that isn’t appropriate to listen to when they are around.

    What is your family’s favorite fun time activity? Our family games night is our favorite family fun time, it is a night we hold sacred and commit to doing every week.  Beyond family fun night, we love going to water parks, playing miniature golf, bowling, going to the zoo, museum, library, or planetarium, our family movie nights are also popular.

    How do you balance everything in your life so that you can have a little alone time? I play the margins and try to plan for alone time.  I also work with my spouse to carve out some much needed alone, down, re-charge time where he will take the kids out of the house for an activity so I get a few hours to myself and I do the same for him.  Alone time/downtime makes for a happy household and peace of mind.

    Do you have a special morning routine that gets you geared up for the day and/or night time wind down routine that helps get you relaxed after long day? In the morning I am mostly focused on getting myself and the kids out the door on time, but in the evenings I tend to read, blog, talk/catch-up with my spouse, listen to music, or watch a movie/tv show to unwind, de-stress before going to sleep, sometimes I am doing these things simultaneously, like right now I am answering these questions and watching one of my favorite thrillers “The Shining”, but it is still relaxing for me because I am doing what I want to do on my terms.

    What advice would you give a mom who is struggling to find that slice of mommy me time? No matter how busy you get and how much responsibility you carry it is critical to your peace of mind, well-being to have some mommy me time.  Negotiate with your spouse or significant other for some alone time,  if you are single parent see if you can team up with a good friend and take turns watching each other’s children/playdate style so you can each get a break.

    Thank you Lia for sharing your story with us. My family loves game night as well. We haven’t done it in a while. But seeing how your family is committed to it, it’s given me the idea that we should get back into it. Maybe start once a month and add on to it. Before children me and my husband were heavily into Monopoly, Jenga and Connect 4. Another thing we have in common is our nightly routine. I too will watch a movie while working on my site or reading other people’s. It’s my mommy me time until I’m able to get out of the house. It’s definitely a good way to de-stress.

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    mommy me timeName – Bree G.
    Location – Michigan
    Occupation – In addition to blogging at TheMomwithMoxie, I work full time in PR & marketing.
    How many children do you have? I have one son.

    When was the last time you had mommy me time?  How did you spend the time? Last night. I try to take a little time for myself almost every day – either before everyone has woken up or after everyone has gone to bed. I read, write or catch up on TV shows I’ve DVR’d throughout the week.

    When was the last time your spent time with your partner or girlfriends? How did you spend the time? We last spent quality time together last weekend. Our son was out with his aunt and we spent the time at home talking and just being together.

    Do you have a favorite place to go that gives you a little solitude? The library. I go regularly to work on blog business or write posts in peace and quiet. It’s one of my happy places.

    If you could spend 24 hours alone how would you spend it? I’d sleep in, and then go spend some time at the book store. After that, I’d go have some lunch while reading whatever book I purchased. After lunch, I’d go home, light some candles and put on some comfy clothes then watch some TV, surf the Internet, read some more, drink some wine, order a pizza and go to bed early.

    mommy me timeWhat are your favorite hobbies? I love to read, write, and go bike riding with my husband and son.

    What song or type of music do you blast when the kids aren’t around? Old-school hip-hop.

    What is your family’s favorite fun time activity? We enjoy going to the park, a book store, and having family game & movie nights.

    How do you balance everything in your life so that you can have a little alone time? I use the time before anyone is awake and after everyone’s gone to sleep as my alone time. It’s peaceful & quiet, and I can just be.

    Do you have a special morning routine that gets you geared up for the day and/or night time wind down routine that helps get you relaxed after long day? Mornings: getting up before everyone else to have quiet time to plan out my day. Nights: a glass of wine, a scented candle and a good book.

    What advice would you give a mom who is struggling to find that slice of mommy me time? I recommend moms use the time before anyone is awake and after everyone’s gone to sleep to reflect and have “me time.” Sure, you may sacrifice an hour of sleep, but the peace of mind and balance you get from it makes it all worth it.

    Thank you Bree for sharing your interests with us! Your family totally sounds like my own. I love the book store! I could spend all day in a Barnes and Nobel. I’m currently reading, The Ultimate Betrayal by Kimberla Lawson Roby.  And don’t get me started about bike riding. That is my favorite thing to do. It just saddens me that I’m not able to do it as much as  I would like, I find it to be too dangerous here in New York City. With my husband being a gamer nut, we spend a lot of time playing everything from Super Mario to Street Fighter. My husband and I love the the movies! We sadly haven’t been in a while, the last movie we saw was No Good Deed. But with so many great movies due to come out that we will most definitely be having more date nights, which I’m totally looking forward to.

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