• Mom To Mom: Quit Your Sanctimommy Shaming Bullshit

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    Okay so check it, I’m in a mommy group and some woman posted a screenshot of a status from another mommy group. The post was from a mom who stated that she hated breastfeeding and was looking to wean her young infant before she returned to return work in a few weeks and was looking for support and help.

    You can already guess where this shit is going.

    So Ms. Sanctimommy Screenshot proceeds to shame this poor mom by stating, “Why does this piss me off so bad? And make me roll my eyes so hard? And all these moms saying how much they hate it, how inconvenient it is etc or the moms to be saying they have absolutely no desire to breastfeed. So you don’t want what’s best for baby? ???”

    Really, lady. Why don’t you do what’s best for this mom and…

    You know what makes me roll my eyes so hard? Witnessing a mother shame another mother. Like, why? What do you get out of tearing another mother down with rude unsolicited “advice” and comments? Does this somehow make you feel good about yourself?

    As a mother yourself you know how hard it is out here in these parenting streets. You got people up in arms about where and how we breastfeed, how they think we should look and if we should feel guilty or not for ditching our kids for some free time. Mothers (and fathers) don’t need some mommy know-it-all making snap judgments about our life.

    Here’s a tip, instead of judging a fellow mom why not put yourself in her shoes for a minute and think about how it would feel to be in her situation. Wouldn’t you want someone to offer you genuine helpful assistance? And if you can’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes or think your comments aren’t particularly useful because you don’t agree or can’t relate just keep scrolling. It’s that simple. Cause what you’re not gonna do is pluck out lines and flip the post to suit your holier than thou narrative.

    This mother tried it though. If she thought she was gonna have an army of backers to join her on her shaming parade. She truly thought wrong. I was happy to see the comment section rightfully rip her to shreds. One of the first comments on the thread pretty much surmised what the majority of the group was thinking:

    “You’re right. HOW DARE a mom make a decision for herself and not do what you think she should do. You do realize that mom shaming is generally frowned upon. If it’s not your kid, it’s none of your damn business and you don’t get any say 

    Ultimately, Ms. Sanctimommy Screenshot followed up with a half-ass apology and got dragged again. Some people never learn. But I hope others will pause and take heed. I want this to serve as a mental stop sign for a mom who is thinking about advising shaming a mom for her parental choices. It’s not cool. It’s quite hurtful and serves no purpose. So do moms around the globe a favor and cut the shit.