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  • 5 Tips For Hosting An Outdoor Halloween Dinner Party

    Festivities are not just another traditional celebration. It brings happiness out of small things with the ones you love. It is a celebration of togetherness and love with the near and dear ones. Given this year of pandemic followed by unexpected chaos and tension, a celebration is the best way to declutter those tired and aching minds. So make an intelligent choice and throw a sophisticated Halloween dinner party. The following tips are given here to help you set up a remarkable and sophisticated yet simple Halloween party.

    Send Handmade Invitations

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    You can’t have a party without invitation cards. Yes, everyone loves an e-vite they’re fun to design and easy to send, but handmade cards are even better. Make some spooky-themed Halloween invitation cards. Bring out your inner artistic abilities and make some nice cards for the invitation this year. This will reflect the warmth with which you are expecting your invited guest’s presence at your party.

    Here’s a great quick DIY video on how you can make your own cute and chic Halloween cards. *This is a basic tutorial on how to make cards you will have to finish the card yourself with the details that you can either print or handwrite.

    Focus On Creative Yet Delicious Food

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    The most important part of any party is the good food. Make sure that there are some amazing delicacies stirred up for your esteemed guests. Make divisions like starters, main courses, and desserts. Now if you’re going to make this meal yourself make sure to shop early enough for everything that you need and if you’re going to cater be sure to call the order in as soon as you can to make sure it arrives on time. Don’t forget the Halloween themed garnish or a horror-art themed cake.

    Look out for funky decor

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    One of the most important things about Halloween parties is the decor. Let jack-o-lanterns serve as mood light the entire party area. This will make your decor stand out and create a spooky atmosphere. Make your own Halloween decor or you can hire an artist to create custom decor pieces. I’ve included some DIY videos to give you some inspiration. While I love a good one of a kind piece creating your own will give a personal touch to the entire look and feel of your party.

    Keep the party area well sanitized

    One of the most important parts of the Halloween party is cleanliness and sanitization, especially with COVID. Get the entire party area and all the props cleaned and sanitized. Be sure to keep hand sanitizers and clean tissues and wets in good numbers for the guests. And make sure there is enough space between guests to keep with social distancing rules. This will everyone is kept safe while having a spooky night out.

    Go for a theme party

    One of the easiest ways to organize a Halloween party is sticking to a theme. Pick and choose and theme and make all the arrangements according to it. This will lessen the mess and add to the beauty of it. Choose themes like murder mystery, horror movie night, and vampire dinner party, or one of these ideas. Go for similar decor, food design, and lighting as per the theme. Do not forget to name your party. Bring out that creative spirit and give an out of the box name. This will make the evening one of a kind and unforgettable.

    Halloween dinner party mommyrandr

    Let this Halloween dinner party be a perfect opportunity to have a little festive fun with family and friends.