The question, if your husband/partner gave you $100 and four hours of uninterrupted alone time, how would you spend it? Was recently asked in a mommy group that I frequent.

It took no time for the answers to start accumulating. There were over 50 by the time I got there, and the question had only been posted moments before. From the responses I saw taking a nap ranked #1, which is obvious, since moms hardly sleep. But there were other answers that I thought were worthy of a top 10 listing.

So here we go…10 Things Moms Would Do With $100 And Four Hours Alone:

“Pocket the money and take a nap.”

“Get a massage.”

“Get hair done with a mani/pedi.”

“Who the fuck am I kidding, split the money 50/50 and buy the kids something.”

“Something illegal.” (I’m still waiting to find out what the “illegal” part is lol!)

“Call up my bff’s and say let’s go out for drinks.”

“If I lived near a casino I would sit at the card table and hope to make more money with it.”

“Find a new man who would give me more than $100 for four hours of freedom.” (Her husband told her to write that.)

“Enjoy a cup of coffee alone.”
I just really really enjoy my first sip of hot coffee in the morning. Especially on a Monday.

“Drink wine and smoke some trees.” (You’d be surprised how many said this.)

I know you already answered the question, was yours listed? If not, what would you do with the money and the time? My original answer was to hit up the Setai Wall Street (my favorite spa in all of NYC. I mention it often) for a day of steam, sauna and hot tea. But I saw someone say, “pocket the money and take a nap.”  It took no time for me to agree that her answer made much better sense. I’d be able to get all the sleep I needed and wake up $100 richer. But who the fuck would I be kidding, cause as soon as I wake up I’d go on Amazon and buy as many books as I could. Rich today, poor later that day. LOL!