Whole Human Mama Planner mommyrandr valerie pierre

The Whole Human Mama Planner is perfect for moms no matter the occasion. Created by Graeme Seabrook, the Whole Human Mama Planner is a subscription to help moms stay connected. The purpose of this planner is to help you thrive not only as a mom but as a person.

Because it’s a planner subscription you’ll receive a new planner every four months. This means you’ll be working with a thinner planner that spans 3 months. But just because it’s thin that doesn’t mean it’s not giving moms what we need to get through the month.

Here’s what you can expect with the Whole Human Mama Planner:

A monthly priorities page that features a section for important dates, goals, project lists, and self-care.

A full monthly and weekly spread with a space section and enough area to add notes.

Weekly to-do list page for yourself, the family, and for your home.

A full-page spread to express your thoughts and feelings.

Weekly meal planner and habit tracker.

A project planner to jot down any new work projects or home DIYs that may come to mind.

A weekly wrap-up that gives you sections to celebrate your wins, things you’re letting go of, and to write a letter to yourself about your week.

Additionally, you’ll receive a small lined notebook that can be used for diary entries, notes, or whatever your heart desires plus a small pin, bookmark, stickers, digital goodies, and lastly one free month membership to The Mom Center. The Mom Center is a community that helps, supports, and uplifts women as we guide ourselves through the journey of motherhood.

I like this planner because it’s undated so if you miss a month you can easily go back the next month without a gap, it easily fits in your purse, and it’s motivational. The start of each month gives you a new quote to inspire you.

The cost of the subscription is $100.00. You can order a subscription for yourself, your mom, or a mom friend here.