With daylight savings in effect and spring only a couple of weeks away here are the things I’m looking forward to the most about it…

It’s so exciting to know when it hits 6pm it won’t be pitch dark out anymore.

NO MORE SNOW (hopefully)
Brooklyn and most of the entire eastern seaboard has seen enough snow within a 3 month period to last a lifetime. The idea that I won’t have to lay eyes on another snowflake for another 9 months is enough to make me break out in song and dance.

There are fewer 30 degree days and a lot more 50 degree days. Its makes leaving the house an option. Who wants to go out and its 30 or less degrees? Shivering in your car while it warms up or turning into a popsicle while you dig your car out. It’s torture and I’m glad the nightmare is over.

When it comes to the cold, there are some people who wear a big puffy to keep warm and then there are people like me who layer. I’m most comfy and shockingly warm wearing 2 heavy sweaters and my $5.00 off the super duper sale rack Gap wool camel coat. I feel like I can move more freely this way than with my puffy coat. But, now with the weather getting warmer I can ditch at least one of my sweaters.

In addition to ditching a sweater, I can also ditch my winter leggings under my jeans and my furry boots. In their place are shirts and blazers and Keds. This is my personal favorite style. I wished I lived in a climate where I could wear it year round. Its so versatile. I can dress it down for the park with a pull over and kicks or dress it up with a cardigan and a cute flat sandal. I can’t wait for the first sweater and short day..or evening.



With the extra daylight and warmer weather it means more time spent outside. Playing with the kids in the front yard, taking nature walks or swinging in the park are now everyday options for the kids to release all that pent up winter energy.
Speaking of being outside when it rains in the spring its time to breakout the rain coat, rain boots and umbrella for some wet fun! Singing and dancing is optional..but highly preferred.

With spring showers comes spring flowers. I love flowers (except sunflowers). However, my grey thumb won’t allow me to care for them longer than 2 days. I killed a cactus once. So I just admire flowers from a far. They’re so pretty and smell of them makes me feel happy! Their aromas are like little boosts of energy. I live for roses, hydrangea’s and orchids.

Yes! More time out with the mister. Now that the snow and cold weather is over we can start to go out more.We usually try to go out once a month but because the weather was so bad we found ourselves hibernating. So with the better weather upon us (hopefully to stay) we will have more date nights…cause we are long overdue.

Sally the Saturn, that what my husband affectionately calls our 20 year old family car, will probably hit the 90k mile mark this summer. From driving to see family and friends in New Jersey to hitting up the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, Great Wolf and maybe Washington DC. We are going to be spending a lot of fun time in our family car.

With that said…so long cabin fever hello spring time!!