We’re at that time of the year when summer slowly comes to a close and fall will start to roll in. While I love the summer, there are things I’m looking forward to this fall:

  • Sweater time. This is a personal favorite. While I’m the first to holler how much I love the hot days of summer I cannot deny the pleasure I get from throwing on a oversized knit sweater, jeans and a pair of Ked’s. You don’t sweat the second you step out of the house nor are you a popsicle. The weather is just right.
  • My kids birthdays are coming. Sierra is in early October and Jr. is in early December. While it saddens me that they get one year older it also brings me great joy with all the new adventures we’re gonna have. My daughter will be 4 years old. She’s smart in the head (great!) and in the mouth (not so great). My son will be 2 years old and is just starting to talk. He’s happy to have a snack and some blocks. I’m gonna enjoy this stage while it lasts. Cause by the time my daughter is out of the Miss. Smarty Pants stage he’ll will just be getting into it. Oh, joy.
  • Changing of the leaves. I love to see them go from various shades of green to deep yellows, oranges and red. I love to see them just before they start to fall off. On the ground they’re great too. They make every neighborhood look so If you’re in the suburbs then you have mounds of fresh crisp leaves to play in.
  • Hot chocolate. I’m not a big coffee fan but I cam a hot chocolate fan. On those cool mornings its a great way to start my day. I love the caramel from Dunkin’ but I don’t think they’re making that anymore. How tragic.
  • Fall television line up. I’m a big t.v. nut. So I love it when my favorite fall shows come back such as Boardwalk Empire, Newsroom, American Horror Stories and Scandal. I need to state I am NOT a die hard Scandal fan. I think the show is okay. Yes, okay. I feel like since I watched a couple of episodes last season I at least owe it myself to keep watching.
  • Halloween is coming. Nothing else needs to be said. Candy, costumes and parties oh my!

Just to make it fair the things I don’t like about it is…

  • Summer is over. Yes I know I just said I love sweaters but it’s summer one can’t help but to miss it.
  • My kid’s birthdays are not only coming but are extremely close to Christmas. Talk about balancing the checkbook. It would be great if they had Spring birthday’s. Give my wallet a breather before I go out and by the next item on the list.
  • Daylight savings will soon come to an end. Good-bye 8pm sunsets..helloooo pitch black by 4pm.
  • The weather is only gonna get colder. With the decline in heat means that ugly white powdery crap is gonna start falling from the sky. I could easily rid myself of the cold climate by moving to sunny California.
  • One too many Christmas commercials. My mind is still trying to process the fact that I saw a “non Christmas commercial” today from Kmart and it’s only Sept 16. If it were up to me you wouldn’t see one Christmas commercial til 6pm on Thanksgiving. While I like this commercial I still don’t wanna see it.

What are the things you love and hate about fall?