Valentine’s Day is in a few short days and living in New York City there is no shortage of places to visit. But, because this city is so big it can make it difficult to decide where one would go to hang out…and that’s on a regular day let’s not talk about a special occasion like Valentine’s Day

Thankfully Travelzoo read my thoughts and invited me to a Valentine’s Day Guide event they were hosting. From them I would find out the places that I needed to be visiting with hubs this coming weekend.

LoLo’s Seafood Shack
303 W. 116th St. Between FDB + Manhattan Avenue

Photo credit: LoLo’s Seafood Shack

If you thought you never had a reason to go uptown, I’m about to give you one. 1 word – Lolo’s! OMG! Their samples were out of this world! Now I have to put it out there that I usually eat before I go to events in case there’s no food or I don’t get a chance to eat the food. I blew it here. I ate at  home leaving no room for any of this.


There was seafood salad along with chips and dip,  and all were mouthwatering. I can only imagine what the rest of the menu looks and tastes like. And speaking of menu, it’s quite extensive and affordable making it totally worth the trek into the city.

Visit Lolo’s Travelzoo page.

One Little West 12th Street – Meatpacking District

Photo credit: Bagatelle

If you have a extra coins to spare and want be transported what it would be like to dine with Eurpoean flare, then Bagelle is for you! In my opinion, I would not classify this as a leggings and flip-flop kinda spot, oh no. This decor inspires you to get a little more dressed up; heels instead of kicks and a sexy pair of ripped jeans instead of yoga pants (that you did no yoga in). This is a quintessential Meatpacking District see and be seen.

But don’t let the superficial fool you, they can cook.

Photo credit: Bagatelle

Open for brunch, lunch and dinner their menus cater to every craving. But what I want to experience most is their brunch. It’s more than just an a pancake and unlimited mimosas like other establishments, this a full on party complete with dimmed light and sparklers. And did I mention Nutella french toast.  Yeah, let that one sink deep into your mind.

Should you think you might be in the neighborhood I absolutely say call and make your reservation.

Visit Bagatelle’s Travelzoo page.

Tache Chocolate
254 Broome Street. New York

Now let’s say you’re a sweets person like me and you don’t desire to go to a restaurant, maybe the idea of making your own chocolate at Tache Artisan Chocolate will perk you right up.

(This photo is not from this event)

I managed to get a few of her chocolates before they were all gone.


And when I tell you this is some serious chocolate, that is exactly what I mean. It melts in your mouth, especially the red lip shaped candies…they were liquor infused. And as someone who loves her cocktails I was so far in my element it took the powers from above to keep me from pouring these in my purse. Signing up for this class would be a perfect way of getting my Valentine’s Day started.

Visit Tache Artisan Chocolate’s Travelzoo page.

L’Institut Sothys New York
37 W. 57th St. (between 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.)

My last stop on my of the evening would bring me to L’Institut Sothys New York. This is where I got all of my life. This spa located a stones throw from Central Park has everything that one could ask for.

I happily waited on line for 10 minutes to get this eye treatment. It was worth it. There really wasn’t much to the treatment itself, but that’s what made it so amazing. The spoon-like tools were soaked in ice cold water and she proceeded to massage the heaviness and dark circles from around my eyes.


Magical. That is the only word that I can use to describe it. When she was done my eyes felt lighter and I actually felt more vibrant. I was perky. It was what I needed. Which is why it made me so sad, cause I need this everyday.

But they just don’t stop with facials they have a complete make up line, that truthfully speaking, knocked my socks off. There are products for all skin types, and they even had make-up that is formulated the change to match your skin tone. My mind was totally blown and yours will be too, when you check this place out.

Visit L’Institut Sothys New York’s Travelzoo page.

So as you can see, Travelzoo isn’t just about booking trips to far off distant lands, they’re also about helping you to discover what’s right in your neighborhood.