I am the first person to admit that I have a love hate relationship with going to the hair salon. I love going and feeling pampered as someone massages my scalp and styles my hair. But, it’s the how long I have to sit in a salon that keeps me from going as often as I should.

The sheer pain I feel when I have to wait my turn caused me to pay closer attention to my stylist so that I can do my own hair at home. Over the years I got really good at it. I learned to perm, lay tracks (a.k.a. weave/extensions) and color my own hair. It got to the point where I would only go to the salon for a trim and curl, and even stopped as my hair grew out and I learned to cut and style my own hair.

I can easily say the last time I was in a hair salon was probably 10 years ago, and I’m okay with that. I’m telling you my selfishness knows no bounds. And speaking of my selfishness, ever since I was a child and my mom started taking me to get my hair done (at about 9 or 10), I’ve always envied those who were lucky enough to have a stylist style their hair at home. I mean think about, I wouldn’t have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to leave my house, be left under that dryer way longer than necessary with the rim of the hood burning my neck, or sit through my stylists third snack break in two hours. Oh the joy of having someone show up to my door when I was ready and only focus on styling me from start to finish.

25+ years later…

My doorbell rings and my personal stylist for the afternoon, Onica from TresseNoire is at my door. Who would have thought that I would ever get to experience personal one-on-one hair styling. And guess what? YOU can get it too! TresseNoire brings the natural hair styling experience from the shop to your home. Owners Regina & Octivia (seen below) heard and understood the frustrations of women who were trying to locate salons with skilled stylists, flexible schedules and an atmosphere that felt inviting and relaxing. It’s sad salons like this are hard to come by. So they thought, hey why not locate stylists and have them come to you!


Booking an appointment is so easy, and I really had no hesitations, except, what if I didn’t like my hair afterward? But I really didn’t let it worry me too much. I trusted that I would be in good hands. Onica, my stylist was on time and beyond professional. We instantly hit it off, and when I thought I was going to do work while getting my hair done but it immediately turned into me saying screw work and I enjoyed the moment chatting with her. Cause I mean who wants to work while they’re getting their hair done? Nobody.

Aside from talking about life she gave me tips on how to keep my hair healthy and suggested products that I should try to maintain the style that I was getting, and my hair overall. This information would be especially important since I had never wore my hair in two strand twists before. This style would last up to two weeks so knowing how to maintain it is crucial.

Midway through (which was about 45 minutes in) she showed me her work so far and it looked great! It took her a little longer than normal because of the kids. You know they don’t let you enjoy anything for too long before finding trouble to get into.

My hair looks good right???

I know you wanna know how you can get hooked up too. So let’s talk about how easy it is to book your appointment. Visit their website, click ‘book appointment’, choose your city (right now its NYC or Philly), choose the type of styling you want


and provide them with additional information, such as hair inspiration and the length…then book. That’s it! You will get a confirmation email immediately following and you’ll be all set. If there are any questions you can email them and they will get right back to you. I loved that the most. They have great customer service!

Overall, this was the best hour and a half of me time (even with my kids in the next room) that I ever spent. My style lasted just about 2 weeks as predicted. I’m going to book Onica again for my cruise this summer. I had planned on learning to do my own braids but now that I have TresseNoire just a click away, why should I?!

See how great it looks when she was done!

To book your TresseNoire appointment visit their official website.

*For the purposes of this review I was given one complementary styling. All thoughts and opinions are my own.