10802698_1577633585792788_1702705875_nI was invited to attend a private early Thanksgiving turducken dinner party with Elchelon Foods hosted by Johanna Cook better known as Momma Cuisine. What’s a turducken? Well this particular one was a partially deboned turkey with a layer of chicken, duck breast fillet and stuffed with Italian sausage…and its delicious! If I could sum up this entire dinner in 5 words I’d say, YOU NEED TO EAT THIS!

Prior to attending this event I’d only heard of turducken but never had a taste.  I should admit that I’m not a turkey person but I do love chicken and I’ve never had duck but I can eat Italian sausage with everything. Let me tell you, when I took my first bite I knew that I had a new first love. Which is why I’m going to tell you where you need to go so that you can savor this meat from heaven for yourself. First step is to go to Costco either in person or online, get a turducken (which is already seasoned for you), preheat your oven, slide the defrosted deliciousness inside and wait …*cue jeopardy music…okay, so, it’s gonna take a lot longer than that but you get the point. Once its cooked to perfection, serve and watch the meat magically disappear. If you blink then you will surely miss how quickly it’ll vanish.

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20141118_195343Usually, when people attend a dinner party they end up going for the booze and conversation but that doesn’t happen at a Momma Cuisine dinner party.  I tell you no lie when I say there was loads of wine left over, which was quite tasty as well. There was so much eating and eyeballing the remains of favorite platters that no one had time to worry about more wine.

In addition, to the bird of honor Johanna and her team also whipped up a second turducken, which was a pork free chicken apple flavor. There was also rice salad, brussel sprouts, red potatoes, green salad, sliced bread drizzled with olive oil and for dessert there was mixed berries. Everything was cooked to perfection and mouthwateringly delicious! Each bird can serve up to 12 people with healthy portions so don’t worry about there not being enough if you’re hosting a small dinner party of your own.

20141118_204009What I also loved was everything that was prepared, as well as other recipes on her website are quite easy for anyone to recreate. That’s good news for those of us who are not that talented in the kitchen. I am not ashamed to admit that about myself. My expertise is mixing drinks so I stick with that. But Johanna has given me a ray of hope at the end of my smokey burnt tunnel. Thanks to her I can make quick, easy and inexpensive meals that I can be proud of.

Why wait for a  holiday or a special occasion to create something new for those you love? Check out her recipe page for year round meal and cocktail ideas. Your tummy will thank you for it!