As we celebrate National Happiness Happens Day I thought we could have some fun with it by listing 12 things that make moms happy.

Lets finish the sentence: Happiness happens….

after that first sip of morning coffee.

when we can eat our food without having to share it.

on the first day of school.

when kids take naps/go to bed.

after that first sip of wine.

when you find random money in your pocket or purse.

when that Amazon delivery arrives.

when the kids clean up after themselves.

when that payday direct deposit hits.

when you get great sex!

when there’s a sale.

when you discover a new show on Netflix.

when you can listen to what you in the car.


when you’re able to be in the bathroom ALONE.

There are so many way that happiness happens for moms. Share your comments below with all the things that make YOU happy!