This undated Wellness Calendar is a free printable download that features Black women in the wellness space.

Why a calendar centered around Black women?

Why Black women? Well, if you didn’t notice I AM a Black woman and as a member of the planner community, I’m always looking for planners and other accessories that reflect who I am. You see, I don’t just want to see myself represented with certain brand collaborations. I’m looking for planners and calendars that have been created specifically for me. And the sad thing is there isn’t much in this niche. So because I haven’t seen it, I created it. I know what I’ve been looking for and if I’ve been looking for it, I know others have been too and it’s long overdue that we get it.

Undated Wellness Calendar mommyrandr

Why a wellness-themed calendar?

As I have mentioned before there really is a lack of wellness-based calendars and planners on the market. I mean, sure you can take any ole calendar/planner and with enough tailoring make it suit your wellness needs but why should you. If we can get a dozen variations of teacher, faith, sport, and mommy planners (not that I have a problem with any of those), surely we can get a wellness planner. No, not a fitness planner. That’s totally different. I mean wellness. Yes, there can be a hint of fitness but instead of this planner telling you when it’s leg day a wellness planner will tell you it’s time to rest your legs. See the difference?  

What does this Wellness Calendar feature?

Undated Wellness Calendar mommyrandr
In addition to 12 images of Black women, (see images above) this calendar features a monthly calendar that includes a general goal and to-do list, a monthly wellness list, and a self-care tracker for you to monitor how much self-care you’ve taken for the month. And before you ask, there is no such thing as too much self-care. You take it when you need it without the guilt of doing so. The blank notes space is for you to jot down your next meditation session, words of wisdom, or your upcoming doctor’s appointment. It’s completely up to you.

How to get your undated Wellness Calendar

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Undated Wellness Calendar mommyrandr

What would your ideal undated wellness calendar or planner contain?