MAVEN Hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics all have one thing in common, the dreaded waiting room. The bane of every person’s existence. Whether a pre-scheduled appointment or an emergency visit, there’s a chance you’ll be in the waiting room twiddling your thumbs longer than you’ll be in the exam room with the doctor. I used to work for a doctor, so I know first hand. No one likes to wait, especially when they have an appointment. But what if I told you, you don’t have to be subjected to boring waiting rooms sitting in chairs that have seen better days.

Enter the Maven – the first digital health and wellness clinic designed for women. This medical app that allows you to book appointments and meet with licensed practitioners right from your phone in the privacy of your own home or anywhere.

I met reps for Maven at The New York Baby Show and knew instantly I needed to share this healthcare system with you. I mentioned them in my ’15 Favorites’ list from the show so it only makes sense that I follow up and explain what it is, how it works and why you need to have this app downloaded on all your devices.

Maven believes “women shouldn’t have to go to the doctor’s office every time they have a health question.” Their goal is to “provide women the kind of affordable but definitive support we feel is most lacking right now, in fields like fertility, pregnancy, postpartum care, and children’s health.

So the most important question is, how does it work?

DOWNLOAD the app from the App Store; coming soon for Droid users.
CHOOSE a physician from the list of 100+ providers based on their expertise.
BOOK an appointment and meet the physician via chat on your phone.
FOLLOW UP any time to make follow up appointments or for post appointment notes.


With appointments ranging from 10 minutes to an hour you’ll find the starting cost of an appointment is lower than a co-pay. Winning! For me that will be an additional savings up to $25 dollars because when I drive to doctor appointments I pay for parking and NYC garages take no mercy on your wallet. Double winning! And I won’t have to get dressed up, as I can take my appointment in my t-shirt with the pasta sauce stain from lunch with the kids my and yoga pants. TRIPLE WINNING!


  • Breastfeeding support and infant care via lactation consultants
  • Nutrition support and weight loss via nutritionists
  • Private birth education classes and postpartum support via doulas
  • Fertility counseling or general women’s care via OB/GYNs
  • Prenatal support via women’s health nurse practitioners
  • Postpartum support via women’s health physical therapists
  • Postpartum depression support via perinatal mental health providers
  • Children’s health services via family nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, and pediatricians
  • Primary care services with Rx capability via nurse practitioners to treat basic issues: UTIs, the common cold, the flu, rashes, heartburn, etc.

Maven prides themselves on being there when you need them to be, making healthcare about YOU, charging no hidden costs and keeping your records secure. To read more about Maven visit them online and while you’re there make sure you stop by their blog, they offer various health and wellness tips written by the practitioners themselves.

I am impressed by this company and how they were able to come together to create an app that integrates itself so seamlessly into the lives of women and their families. Its a comfort knowing we have someone just a few quick swipes away who will be there to ease our minds about whatever medical questions or concerns we may be experiencing at that very moment.

Have you heard of Maven before prior to the NY Baby Show? Do you use it? Share your experiences.

Photo Credit: Maven Clinic